Ten Oxes Of Zen In My Dot Den

Song Of The Day: Across This Antheap / XTC
Word Of The Day: Vaticide / The murder of a prophet

You guys gotta get a daughter. Oh my dot-God. Daughters are better than angels. Angels are cool, don't get me wrong, but they're aloof. They're a bit stuffy. I mean, they're literally high and mighty.

I Swear To Katie Holms

Song Of The Day: Dying / XTC
Word Of The Day: Yare / Nimble, brisk; ready.

Walken On Sunshine

Song Of The Day: Walking On Sunshine / Katrina And The Waves
Word Of The Day: Daedal / Ingeniously contrived or intricate; skillfully and artistically crafted

I know who I'm voting for.

Non-dual Nature of Coffee Enimas

Song Of The Day: Headlock / Imogen Heap
Word Of The Day: Cacoethes / A bad habit or insatiable urge

Thank you, thank you. You're really wonderful. Yes really, please (waving from giant neon hovercraft, floating over a throng of adoring public).

downward, dog

Song Of The Day: I'm The Man Who Murdered Love / XTC
Word Of The Day: Haecceity / [from L. haec, this] /hek-SEE-ih-ty/ Scholastic Philos. that which gives something its unique quality: thisness (compare quiddity, whatness)

You people are wonderful. Thank you.

Self Flagellation After 9.11

Song Of The Day: Brown Guitar / XTC
Word Of The Day: Stridulate / To make a shrill creaking noise by rubbing together special bodily structures -- used esp. of male insects (as crickets or grasshoppers)

WOOOOOOOO!!! It's Sunday, the LORD's day. Way.

XTC Ecstasy

Song Of The Day: No Thugs In Our House / XTC
Word Of The Day: Unipotent / Having power in one way only; esp: capable of developing only in one direction or to one end product

XTC on iTunes!

Song Of The Day: Earn Enough For Us / XTC
Word Of The Day: Thanatopsis / A meditation upon death

Oh my God. XTC is FINALLY on iTunes. iTunes, I forgive you for not having Goodbye To You by Scandal. This makes up for everything.

Viva La Love

Song Of The Day: Mmm Bob! / Hanson
Word Of The Day: Faff / To spend your time doing a lot of unimportant things instead of the thing you should be doing

That's right, it's my birthday. I am 35 years human. Too bad we can't track rebirths. You know, when I think of birth, I must think of after-birth. What's in that stuff?

Fuck Or Fight?

Song Of The Day: You Wanna Be Starting Something / Michael Jackson
Word Of The Day: Banjax / To batter or destroy (a person or thing); to ruin; to confound, stymie [Anglo-Ir. slang]

Wrote a new song last night. 'S called Fuck or Fight. I like it. One more for the Children's album...


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