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XTC on iTunes!

Song Of The Day: Earn Enough For Us / XTC
Word Of The Day: Thanatopsis / A meditation upon death

Oh my God. XTC is FINALLY on iTunes. iTunes, I forgive you for not having Goodbye To You by Scandal. This makes up for everything.

If you want to go to sonic heaven RIGHT NOW, go to i Tunes and purchase these XTC songs, if you don't like them, commit suicide. Wait, don't bother, you're already dead:

Easter Theater
Senses Working Overtime
No Thugs In Our House (the chord progression in that chorus kills me every time!)
Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead
My Bird Performs
The Disappointed
Mayor Of Simpleton
The Loving
Merely Man
Earn Enough For Us
Dear God
I'm The Man Who Murdered Love
My Brown Guitar

There are many others I would tell you to get, but iTunes only has some of their songs. Don't know why, I can't tell you to get Sacrificial Bonfire or Dying, but it's cool. This is cool for now.

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