Hi, Stuart here.

Back in 2006, Ken Wilber gave me one of the greatest jobs imaginable. He bought me a camera, and a computer, and told me to go bat shit crazy. Do whatever, just make videos. As an artist, I found that to be an irresistible proposition.  Sure enough, what followed was a fire hydrant of fun. 


I filmed all kinds of shit: life on the road as a touring musician, my wife giving birth (I still think it's mine), glow-sticks dangling out of my butt to celebrate the 4th of July.  It was all paid for and broadcast by one of the World's greatest philosophers. It would be hard to overstate how much joy I derived in deviating from form, week after week. 


It was just me, no other actors, producers, etc, so I started messing around with cloning myself in order to dramatize my internal conflicts. This evolved into the 'clones' as they're general known now.  


Basically, they're just differentiated aspects of my own 'self' put together in one room, and left to fight it out.  I find this fun comedy and therapy, externalizing the life-long inward struggle I've experienced between a Greek chorus of perspectives that populate my person.


Eventually the clones grew into what we have now: Black (referring to clothing and psychological features, not race), White, and Stuart.  AKA, The Stuart Davises.


They've come to include a deep back-story and in-depth character bios, as part of exploring them through an episodic series.  Who knows.  In 2014 I wrote the show bible (set in Europe, mostly) built around the clones and a new character, their mother (EXY DAVIS).  She is more interesting than all three of them combined, in my opinion, but it remains to be seen if we'll ever get to meet her.  A recent clones sketch, The Art of Depression, was shot in Amsterdam.


Black, White, and Stuart all owe their existence to Ken Wilber, the first one to really get it. Somedays, the only one.  In fact, that's probably the only thing all three clones can agree on.

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We were blown away by Stuart’s pure genius. Finally a songwriter with something to say. We booked him on the show, calls started coming in “Who was that? Who was that you had on World Cafe?”

-Bruce Warren of WXPN/ World Cafe