Rostropovich Vs Soviet Union

Song Of The Day: Prelude, Bach's Suite No. 5 In C Minor For Unaccompanied Cello / Mstislav Rostropovich
Word Of The Day: Balnearii / People who steal clothing for public baths


Song Of The Day: Courante from Bach's Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV1007 / Mstislav Rostropovich
Word Of The Day: Fideism / Reliance upon one's religion instead of reason for beliefs and truths.

Five Stages Of Spell Check

Song Of The Day: Raspberry Beret / Prince
Word Of The Day: Obnubilate / Darken, dim, or conceal (as) with a cloud; obscure.

United Nations Of Interpersonal Relations

Song Of The Day: Insane In The Brain / Cypress Hill
Word Of The Day: Cophosis / Deafness.

OK, I concede. Food preparation IS an art. Now, would the chefs of the World please stop killing themselves?

I want to get in France's pants.

Song Of The Day: Harpies Bizarre / Elvis Costello
Word Of The Day: Snoach / To speak through the nose

Good Weird Video

My Guy

Song Of The Day: I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea / Elvis Costello
Word Of The Day: Xiphoid / Sword shaped

My favorite part of I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea is when Elvis sings "Men come screaming / dressed in white coats / shake you very gently by the throat." The vocal on that entire line is fucking FLAWLESS. I am in awe-ness. Wow.

Lead Paint Taint

Song Of The Day: Way You Make Me Feel / Michael Jackson
Word Of The Day: Quotidian / 1, Daily; of or pertaining to every day; (of a fever etc) recurring every day. 2, Of a person; performing some act or sustain some characterisitic every daily. 3, Ordinary; everyday, commonplace, trivial.

Quotiddling / daily masturbation.

Auto Immunity Explained (away)

Song Of The Day: Headlock / Imogen Heap
Word Of The Day: Babag / Argument or fight

Hot Fucking News Flash: Auto Immune Disorders All The Rage This Season.

Auto immune disorders have finally assumed pole-position in the race for trendiest malady. The Davis' were quoted late yesterday as saying


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