Cliff Notes On My New CD ¿What Part One: Good Wyrd

Song Of The Day: Good Wyrd
Word Of The Day: Synomosy / An oath-bound brotherhood or conspiracy

Linguistics part 3

Word Of The Day: Dioristic / Distinguishing, distinctive, defining
Song Of The Day: Sexy Messiah / Stuart Davis (now on iTunes)

IS Calligraphy part deux

Song Of The Day: Omaha / Counting Crows
Word Of The Day: Emesis / Vomiting

IS Calligraphy

Song of The Day: Muse / Endlessly
Word Of The Day: Cryptodynamic / Pertaining to, or having, hidden power

So, if you've read this blog at all, or been to a show you probably know I'm...how to say? Into...language!

Specifically, my hobby is creating a language (mine's called IS), or con-langing as its known in underground geek parlance (constructed-languaging). But I divide con-langs into three categories.

Very Beautiful

This lyric from XTC's song Senses Working Overtime really cheered me up this morning. It's good when, after 1,032 listens, a song can still make you laugh out loud and pull yøu out of a rut.

"And birds might fall from black skies
And bullies might give you black eyes
And buses might skid on black ice
But to me they're very, very beautiful!"


Song Of The Day: Unsingable Name / Mike Doughty
Word Of The Day: Plurispresence / Being in more than one place at the same time

New Zealands

Song of the Day: Figment / Michael Penn
Word Of The Day: Nomic / Customary or conventional

You gurhlz, I checked, and New Zealands is not (yet) a province of Australia.

But gurhlz, I checked and I know a really good way we can fuck with New Zealands.

Guhrlz, this would be revenge for New Zealands stealing Crowded House from Australia.

Oh My Embarrassed God

You guys, I just found out the members of Crowded House are from New Zealand. What is New Zealand, anyway? A province in Australia, I presume?

Crowded House

Song Of The Day: Into Temptation / Crowded House
Word Of The Day: Premorse / Having the end bit off; truncated


Song Of The Day: Message In A Bottle / Police
Word Of The Day: Spadish / Blunt-spoken

Did I say I finished my book? No. I'm in the final re-write this weekend before handing it over to my editor. I am ready to say goodbye to it and hopefully never look at it again. Fucking books. I have laughed a lot though, it's funny. It's dirty. It's got love and stuff. Babies. You name it.


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