¿What the hell?

Check out this cartoon strip my friend Vid sent me:

Pandora. WOW. Pandora.

Song Of The Day: Young Americans / David Bowie
Word of The Day: Mulligrubs (n pl) / colic; sulkiness

Cliff Notes On My New CD ¿What / Before Beyond

Song of The Day: Before Beyond
Word of The Day: Foofaraw / 1. Excessive or flashy ornamentation. 2. A commotion or disturbance over a trifling matter; a fuss.

Murder Suicide

Song Of The Day: Murder Suicide
Word Of The Day: Recrement
1) the superfluous or useless portion of any substance; refuse, dross, scum, off-scouring
2) spec. a waste product or excretion of an animal or vegetable body; also Physiol., a fluid which is separated from the blood and again absorbed into it, as the saliva or bile (opp. to excrement)

Parker Posey

Song of The Day: You're The One For Me, Fatty / Morrissey
Word of The Day: Delitescent / lying hidden or latent

Cliff Notes On the New CD / Dirty Purity

Word Of The Day: Kerygmatic / Pertaining to preaching
Song Of The Day: Dirty Purity

Ya'll, I'm swamped. In a good way. I'm mailing out hundreds of packages this week (album release) so I'm going to just post these lyrics and come back in a day or two and add the notes. Enjoy.

I'm in love with a homeless girl
who carved a cave into the World
she crawled out all covered in blood
and dripped red seeds into the mud

Shut up, shut up, shut up already
with the temple-talk
you're freaking me out

Cliff Notes On the New CD / Easter

Song Of The Day: Easter
Word Of The Day: Clastic / having separate pieces, take apart-able.

Politics Of Lust

Song Of The Day: Long December / Counting Crows
Word Of The Day: Fissilingual / Fork-tongued

Doing an a dialogue with John Ince tomorrow for Integral Naked. Can't wait.

Cliff Notes On the New CD / April Showers, April Tears

Song Of The Day: April Showers, April Tears / Saul Williams
Word Of The Day: Triplasian / Threefold

Cliff Notes On the New CD ~ AC /DC

Song Of The Day: AC / DC
Word Of The Day: Annosity / length of life


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