Name My Album

Song Of The Day: This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) / Talking Heads
Word Of The Day: Anaclypsis / An unveiling or revealing

Ya'll, I need a name for my new album. I'm just not feeling it. So far, the leading contender is Good Weird, but I don't know. Is that the one?

I love coffee.

So Long, Super Man

Song Of The Day: So Long, Super Man / Firewater
Word Of The Day: Kenodoxy / The love or pursuit of self-aggrandizement or vainglory; vanity

If you don't have the song So Long, Super Man by Firewater, go to iTunes and buy it NOW. If you don't think that ROCKS, kill yourself. You'll never be cool.

Oh, I've been a bad blogger. Spank me. I need a stern, corrective hand against my bottom.


Song Of The Day: In Germany Before The War / Randy Newman
Word Of The Day: Nimfadoro / An effeminate, well dressed gentlemen who is popular with the ladies (that's me ;-)

Wanna see something? Watch THIS MOVIE.

The Rabbi Rox Paradox

Song Of The Day: The Other Side Of Summer / Elvis Costello
Word Of The Day: Phthisozoics / the art of killing harmful animals (fthys-o-ZO-iks)

Now you can’t afford to fake
all the drugs your parents used to take
Because of their mistakes
you’d better be wide awake

You tell 'em Elvis.

Tree On Fire

Song Of The Day: One Man Guy / Loudon Wainwright
Word Of The Day: Noctivagant / To rove or wander at night

This is a tree on fire with love, but it's still scary since most people think love only looks like one thing instead of the whole world.

The Utility of Fevers

Song Of The Day: Hallelujah / Leonard Cohen
Word Of The Day: Scelidate / Having legs; legged

I am a fundamentalist.

Song Of The Day: Across This Antheap / XTC
Word Of The Day: Undigenous / Created or generated by water

Fucking Nondual Fundamentalist Buddhism

Song Of The Day: What God Has Done Is Rightly Done / Bach (Cantata 99) as performed by Christopher Parkening
Word Of The Day: Eesome / Attractive or gratifying to the eye

I'll tell you what's attractive or gratifying to the eye; Two 'e's at the beginning of a word. That's eelicious. I'm eerect.


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