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XTC Ecstasy

Song Of The Day: No Thugs In Our House / XTC
Word Of The Day: Unipotent / Having power in one way only; esp: capable of developing only in one direction or to one end product

Integral types: Let's start popularizing "unipotent" as a perjorative term implying a pathological, monological prediliction for one line, one capacity, one method only. Ha Ha Ha we will be the life of the party, mocking and ridiculing the Cyclops freaks relegated to one-dimensional lives! Ha Ha Ha until- *gasp* our peculiar fixation with the joke goes too ... damn ... far, and OH sweet Jesus in a twist of ironic justice we become the embodiment of the narrow disposition we profess to deplore. OH CRUEL, KINKY KARMA!

Speaking of fixations, get ready for a fucking rigid obsession with XTC for a while in my Song Of Day category. XTC is simply the best fucking band IN THE WORLD EVER EVER EVER. I am mainlining The Loving into my fucking jugular, people.

Did I tell you guys I'm getting implants? Yeah, my left TIT is going to be a six inch Bose Speaker blaring Mayor Of Simpleton, my right knocker is gonna be a fucking Bang & Olafson piping Senses Working Overtime.

I hope you can still hear it over the rauckus riot of Dear God thundering from my new XTC Helmet, a futuristic-ally modified NFL helmet (former property of Fran Tarkington, bitches) i had the audiologists at MIT convert into a trans-sonical ultra-audiotic hyper-vibratory MEGA PHONE.

XTC can rape me if it wants. I would let XTC in the back door. Lay me down, XTC, cuz when you do you lift me up.

I'm all religious figures rolled into one
Qaddafy-duck propelled from Jimmy Swaggert's tommy gun
Don't promise rainbows or some golden pot
In fact what I can offer I know you've already got

I'm merely a man and I bring nothing but love for you
I'm merely a man and I want nothing that you can't do

Are you kidding me? Have you listend to XTC? Have you read their fucking lyrics? Have you surveyed the splendor of their flawless, ingenious production? Listen to those fucking BASS LINES. Chord progressions?

Imagine the Beatles and the Beach Boys had a trans-gender orgy, and they all fucked each other pregnant, but then, Jesus Christ reincarnated into the musical vessel of their musical child. That is XTC, and all other bands are peanuts in rat shit compared to their shimmering, inexplicable brilliance.

Seriously people, whether we stop to realize it or not, XTC accelerated the evolution of consciousness on the Planet. Not just in pop music, not just in MUSIC, they lofted the sum total of bare awareness up several increments ACROSS THE BOARD. I have never, ever heard a better band. Unsurpassed, unexcelled genius.

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