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downward, dog

Song Of The Day: I'm The Man Who Murdered Love / XTC
Word Of The Day: Haecceity / [from L. haec, this] /hek-SEE-ih-ty/ Scholastic Philos. that which gives something its unique quality: thisness (compare quiddity, whatness)

You people are wonderful. Thank you.

Hey, I went and did yoga again yesterday, been at it every day for while now. I'm trying to get my fucking pelvis back in track from so much jacking the base went packing. it's TURNED. so, i went to a REAL yoga class yesterday, with Indian accents, and live music, and long poses. it's the holding that hurts, Tom Petty sung it and I felt it yesterday, the waiting is the hardest part. when will this #!@$ asana be OVER, dear lord?

it opened new parts of me. like the cleptomaniac.

"This yoga mat is awesome"

chill, dude.

"It's red, though. Deep, luscious red."

Just hold the pose.

"I want this fucking mat. Like, forever. This red mat is mine. Listen chicken Stu, when have you EVER seen a red yoga mat this cool, this new, this perfect."

I... it's not ours. It's not right.

"You're such a conventional cunt. We're not at bible camp, okay PussyMcfraidy Cat? I'm taking the fucking mat with me, and that's the last of it."

No you're not.

"Yes I am, and if you say squat about it i will shit our pants right now and publicly shame you in a manner from which you will never recover, you vain visage of vanity."


My wife walked over. "Honey, what are you doing? Are you... Put that back sweetie. That's not our yoga mat."

"Yeah, I'm taking it though. It's red. You can't find red, and it's squishy. They have, like 200 of them in every color here, but not red, i'll never find red again, i have..."

"Put it back, sweetie. You can't take that."


I waited. She turned, walked to changing room, and I put the mat in my car, and drove home with my brand new, shiny, squishy, ruby red yoga mat, and I LOVE it and bitches, I would steal that shit again and again and again. Oh man, daddy likes red.

I'm off to the lost and found at the club to see if there's anything cool to "reclaim."

downward, dog.

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