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Ten Oxes Of Zen In My Dot Den

Song Of The Day: Across This Antheap / XTC
Word Of The Day: Vaticide / The murder of a prophet

You guys gotta get a daughter. Oh my dot-God. Daughters are better than angels. Angels are cool, don't get me wrong, but they're aloof. They're a bit stuffy. I mean, they're literally high and mighty.

Daughters -dots- on the other hand, have all the celestial mightiness and none of the behavioral tightiness. They're lax. They chill. They can wig out, or get real still. You got a dot pill?

Yesterday my daughter walked up to me with a package of paints and was like "dad, let's do this shit." I'z like Ah-ite. We went tribal with that shit. We looked like a fucking neon cave painting when we were done, and then we grabbed the camera and shot some stuff in the Golden hour, spinning madly with the camera in the light of descending Sun, two caucasian aborigonees of Freaksylvania, and we giggled and laughed and it was the Divine Shit. What I feel for, and with my daughter is a singular emotion, I don't feel it with any other human in the World. Of course it's Love, real love, and I do feel that for each and every human being in the World, but my daughter is like a specific, rare diamond that refracts the light of God in a way that no other human prism does. She is a color of Love that does not exist anywhere else in Reality, and my heart is the only one with the father-Eye to see it. I don't know. It's not something that lends itself to language. But it is MIRACULOUS. That first year was really a bitch, being a dad those first twelve months is like eating one of the twelve-foot super subs filled with feces. A bite a day, that's how the first year passes. You're just not on the radar. the baby radar doesn't read "dad" signals. But right about the age of one, the Dot gets Dad. Since my daughter's first birthday, it's been ten Oxes of Zen in my Dot-den.

Get Pregz. Go on, make a baby. You might be 12, or 14, or 25, or 35, or 45, or 60, or 72 years old, but just make sure you either knock someone up or get knocked up this month. It's National Knock Someone Up Month, my call.

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