Agents In The Mystery

Song Of The Day: Hide And Seek / Imogen Heap
Word Of The Day: Widdershins / Anticlockwise; backwards, in the reverse order or direction to normal.

Smells Like Ween Spirit

Song Of The Day: Smells Like Teen Spirit / Paul Anka
Word Of The Day: Fag / English palance for cigarette

Back in town, ya'll

Song Of The Day: My Lean Baby / Frank Sinatra
Word Of The Day: Gamophobia / Fear of marriage

Where Stu Go?

Song Of The Day: Crazy / Seal
Word Of The Day: Sacralgia / Pain in the sacrum

Paranormal Glass

Song Of The Day: Falling In Love / Randy Newman
Word Of The Day: Effleurage (n.) Gentle stroking used in massage.

Chaos Aikido

Song Of The Day: Nothing To Lose / The Nothing
Word Of The Day: Mumpsimus (n.) - An erroneous word or spelling that, through long usage, has become absorbed into the language; an incorrect manuscript reading blindly adhered to by some scholar; stubborn adherence to a mistaken verbal form in the face of correction.

Link for fun...

My friend mike sent me THIS. I love it. I want it to be a video to one of my songs...

PSI Phenomena

Song Of The Day: In Cars / Gary Numan
Word Of The Day: Zabernism / Misuse of military authority, bullying

Mike Scott / Waterboys

Song Of The Day: Christ In You / The Waterboys
Word Of The Day: Dvandva (n.) / A compound word, neither element of which is subordinated to the other, as bitter-sweet


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