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Paranormal Glass

Song Of The Day: Falling In Love / Randy Newman
Word Of The Day: Effleurage (n.) Gentle stroking used in massage.

I leave for San Francisco tomorrow. I used to live in San Francisco (area, actually, Palo Alto was home). Haven't been there in like a year, since the last time I played Tongue & Groove with Alex Gibson and bassist maniac Thrill. We all went up in a big van from L.A. and on the way up we talked about our feelings, and the strange tingle one gets in his tummy when he feels something special for another person, like maybe you swallowed some neon butterflies in a zero gravity chamber. Ohhh... love.

Had a strange experience last night. I was in the studio playing the song Glass. I pretty much leave the t.v. on with the sound down all day and all night, I consider it a form of electromagnetic flora. It's another kind of plant to me. So, anyway, I had the t.v. on like always, and there was no picture, just a blue screen, which was the only illumination in the room, and I was singing the song glass, standing right in front of the screen, my face approximately one foot from the glass picture tube, and I was totally into the song, and just as I came to the end of the song -SWEAR to god, the fucking t.v. shut off. just out of nowhere, as I plucked the last notes of the song and leaned into the screen (I do this to hear the reverberation of my voice off the Glass of the t.v. tube, see?) the fucking t.v. went DEAD. Now, take into consideration that t.v. has been on continuously for four or five days. And nothing else in the room went dead (my two computers, my auxillery battery unit, my printer). Just the t.v., as I was singing "through you", the last one, it just fucking shut off. Really, really cool and bizarre. I wouldn't say scary, but I would say I definitely felt / perceived a certain kind of presence in the room, I wouldn't necessarily say it was an entity, it might have just been my higher self, but you have to wonder when you're singing the song Glass into a Glass tube and the fucking thing shuts off right at the last phrase of the song, just what the hell is going on. My t.v. has never -not once- ever shut off by itself. I was not touching the remote, and nothing else in the room shut off. I had to wonder, based on all the Book Of The Dead work I've been doing, and what I've read about EVP if there was some connection. Was it a communication from an entity or intelligence? Was it my higher self focused and relaxed to a point that the electromagnetic current of subtle anatomy interacted with the point of focus (t.v.) in the room and just shut it off? Was it a total fluke, a completely random coincidence, t.v. just shut off for no reason for the first time while I was finishing that song.

Whatever it was, it was a really beautiful moment.

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