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Chaos Aikido

Song Of The Day: Nothing To Lose / The Nothing
Word Of The Day: Mumpsimus (n.) - An erroneous word or spelling that, through long usage, has become absorbed into the language; an incorrect manuscript reading blindly adhered to by some scholar; stubborn adherence to a mistaken verbal form in the face of correction.

Woke up, hung out with my daughter and wife for spell. Daughter's sick again with ear infection #3 so far this summer. She gets 'em just like her pops. I had tubes seven times when I was a kid. Wha? What'dya say? Scar tissue???? Ara and I hung in the studio, sang songs, did some answering of email, then she took a nap and I began booking shows. If you'll look to the left side of the site, you'll see I booked some new shows in the Midwest today, including Fargo and Omaha. I'm excited to get back to my peeps in Big Heart land. The new songs (on the new CD) are going over really well at live shows. Not a rejected one in the bunch so far. I spent most of the afternoon booking shows and working around the house and yard while I was on the phone. As soon as I start talking on the phone I go to the yard and start weeding. Weeding is fucking with my fingers. So, so many weeds. Digital manipulation taxes the tendons. I also got a sunburn on my back. Let's face it, I'm fucking obsessive. I start doing something like weeding, or sweeping, or cleaning, and I can't let it go. Until I do. Sometimes it's an hour, a day, a week, but eventually I merge with the task or duties in a way that is constructive and beautiful. Because the chaos wins, we all know that. We all know that in our head, but to really dissolve into it with our entire heart/ head / soul is the move to make. The dirt is gonna fucking win this endless struggle I have with cleaning. How bad ass is dirt? It's so bad ass it's gonna beat the bugs. And the bugs have us beat by a million gajillion. But you know what? The sun is gonna clean the whole She-Bang once in for all in the hygeine inferno of nuclear expansion. Then bye-bye dust, bugs, people, you name it. Wha?? Even the tile floors I bleached and scrubbed today? Yeah. Ah, but you know what's really gonna kick even the Stars' asses? The Brown Dwarfs, the Super Giants, the pulsars? Dark Matter, bitch. It's the wild card in the deck. But you know what makes Dark Matter shit its invisible shorts and cower like a nonplussed sorority girl in a haunted Cosmological house of cards? FUCKING DARK ENERGY. HOLY SHIT. Dark Energy has your corporeal serial number etched into a grin as wide as the Horsehead Nebula. So anyway, today while working on pulling these silly weeds out of my lawn, I practiced a made-up thing I call Chaos Aikido. It's basically recognizing the sacred role of Chaos in the Kosmos (that's both for visible and invisible matter), and merging with it, working with it, to temporarily re-direct or disarm its charge, with the understanding you're working together behind the apparent struggle. Chaos is my partner, teacher, friend, companion, coming at me full speed to try and kick my ass so I may have an opportunity to develop and sharpen my Aikido practice.

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