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Song Of The Day: Crazy / Seal
Word Of The Day: Sacralgia / Pain in the sacrum

You guys, I want to apologize for the lapse in blog entries. I have simply been going 24/7 for several weeks now, travelling from denver to Seattle, Portland, Saan Francisco to New York to Pittsburgh, non-stop motion and in the few days i've been home it's been all video editing. I've spent about 14 hours a day editing video in my studio in a mad rush to finsih the DVD on schedule and have it out to you this fall, and that will indeed be the case! I also happened to throw out my neck last week, in a hilarious turn of events that had me flat on my back for two full days. I basically became completely immobile due to some bizarre thing with my neck going completely fucking haywire. LIterally could not move for 48 hours, just laid on the concrete and stared at the ceiling. I believe it had something to do with not drinking any water for a month, not sleeping, not doing yoga, and carrying heavy, awkward music gear from end to end of the continent. Ha! I've learned. I'm back doing yoga, and I'm dedicated to drinking more water, carrying less gear, and returning my body to its gazelle-like agility in short order. The body really is an amazing, mind-blowing gift. I've been in dialogue with mine ever since the neck went out, and I can sincerely say I've entered back into relationship with it. I have deeply enjoyed ALL of the work I've been doing, touring has been completely fucking awesome -every city has been its own kind of magic. Last night in Bethlehem, PA was SO fun to meet new friends, and that is the case every where I go, meeting the people is always the highlight for me. My wife and daughter have been with me on several legs of this tour, and that's been a blast as well. My daughter (two years old now) goes fucking berzerk on airplanes. She becomes a consumate explorer. Working on editing the DVD has been utterly engrossing. I feel SO jazzed about it, I'm really, really glad it's not going to be a concert video. This DVD is entirely composed of the stuff between concerts, behind stage, all the moments that inform the music, but it's not a concert DVD, and I believe that will be a very good choice. I simply noticed that personally, I do not watch concert DVDs. Even of my very favorite bands, I really would never watch a concert DVD more than once. BUT, I will watch the other kind of footage more than once. When I rented the Tenacious D DVD, I would watch those episodes over and over. But not the concert. The Talking Heads Stop Making Sense DVD is probably my favorite concert DVD of all time, but I would still only watch it once a year or so. I watched Alanis Morissette, Bjork, and many other artists to prep myself for this project, and what I came away with was that I really did not want to watch footage of people doing live shows (as a customer) I wanted to watch the lifestyle stuff in between. I would be totally interested in watching a DVD on Tori Amos the person, but even though she's one of my favorites when it comes to music, I don't want to watch a concert DVD. So, I took that approach on my DVD. I just put together 100 minutes of the twisted, weird, funny footage between shows, on the road, at home, etc. It has footage from my tours of Holland, Canada, West Coast, East Coast, and all through the Midwest, but it's very very light on actual performance footage. I like it a lot. I've been fortunate to be very involved in the actual editing, I have an iMac at home that does it all- Final Cut, baby! Woo!

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