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Back in town, ya'll

Song Of The Day: My Lean Baby / Frank Sinatra
Word Of The Day: Gamophobia / Fear of marriage

Wow. I'm home. It's so nice. Woke up, went to the club, went swimming laps for an hour, took a steam room, took a sauna and put those stern jets on my ropey muscles, and then went to the grocery store with my wife and dot and picked up some olives. Came home, meditated, then began the intensive catch-up of work on music business stuff. I'm weeks behind on the business side of the equation, booking shows, handling promo, and the like. I'm looking forward to it. I'm truly erect, feeling bouyant and expectant. One problem only: Can't stop singing My Lean Baby from Frank. I WISH I had written that. So nice. So easy. So cute.

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