Christmas Party, Anyone?

Song Of The Day: Naive Melody / Talking Heads
Word Of The Day: Pantagamy / Married to everyone

Yes, yes, I've not been blogging. You're right to judge me. We get a nice pace rolling with this Big Mind blog, and then voila', I'm gone. WTF?

That's what happens when you fall in love with a spy.


Big Mind Blog-alogue / Wonder

Song Of The Day: Us And Them / Pink Floyd
Word Of The Day: Agravic / Having no gravity; relating to the condition of zero-gravity.

Big Mind Blog-alogue / The Fixer

Song Of The Day: Detox Mansion / Warren Zevon
Word Of The Day: Bahuvrihi / Compound word whose second part is a noun but that acts as an adjective

Facilitator: Can I speak to the Fixer?

Fixer: Yes.

Facilitator: Who am I speaking to?

Fixer: The fixer.

Facilitator: OK, tell me about yourself, what's your role?

Fixer: I fix things.

Facilitator: Things?

Fixer: Well, things, and people.

Big Mind Blog-alogue / The Pervert

Song of the Day: Save It For Later / English Beat
Word of the Day: Korophilia / Being attracted to young men or boys

Guess where I am? (Besides in your head.)

Song Of The Day: Amsterdam / Stuart Davis
Word Of The Day: Vernieuwen / A Dutch word meaning "refresh button", I think.

Big Mind Blog-alogue / The Skeptic and Great Doubt

Song Of The Day: London Calling / The Clash
Word Of The Day: Geloscopy / Divination involving laughter

(This blog is part of an on-going series whereby Stuart conducts Big Mind Process on himself, in dialogue with various perspectives in himself. For more information, visit Big Mind.org)

Big Mind Blog-alogue / The Controller

Song Of The Day: No Control / Eddie Money
Word Of The Day: Vagitus / New-born child's cry

U2 (the '2' is for second tier...)

Song Of The Day: Miracle Drug / U2
Word Of The Day: Qualtagh ( KWOL-tok ) / The first person you see after leaving your house


Song Of The Day: Can't Stand Losing You / The Police
Word Of The Day: Obsolagnium / Waning sexual desire due to age


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