Mr. Nathan Jenkins...

Song Of The Day: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star / Satan
Word Of The Day: Scelidate / Having legs; legged

Just in case you gurlz are curious, this is one of the dudes I am working with most closely on this new album: Mr. Nathan Jenkins himself...

You gurlz

Song Of The Day: Dead Things / Emiliana Torrini
Word Of The Day: Xanthippe / Ill-tempered woman

1st Day Of Mixing the new album... Dirty Purity

Song Of The Day: Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing / Stevie Wonder

My daughter is two...

Song Of The Day: You Know Me Better Than I Do / Peter Himmelman
Word Of The Day: BISC / Acronym for 'Because It Sounds Cool'.


Song Of The Day: Isobel / Bjork
Word Of The Day: Vastation / Purification through fire.

Boulder, Trilogy

Song Of The Day: I Don't Know What It Is / Rufus Wainwright

Word Of The Day: Dacryops / Moistness of the eye.

Check out MySpace.com/stuartdavis now...

Song Of The Day: I Love You, Goodbye / Thomas Dolby
Word Of The Day: Oriform / Mouth-shaped.

It's official, I added a profile on MySpace.com/stuartdavis. It's fun. Go on, go look...

Pimp My Parker

Song Of The Day: Parker Posey / Stuart Davis
Word Of The Day: Sacerdotal / Pertaining to priest, especially sacrificial; granting or believing in mysterious or miraculous priestly powers.

Consensual Rape and Mysticism...

Song Of The Day: Hide And Seek / Imogen Heap is the song of the day again. I know it was the song of the day a few entries back, but I can't help it. It's still the coolest song

Word Of The Day: A-corps-perdu / 'With lost body'; impetuously; in desperation.

Hurricane Tales

Song Of The Day: Somebody / David Byrne
Word Of The Day: Quaintise / Ingenuity, cunning; a trick or stratagem

Here's an account of Hurricane Katrina from someone who was in the thick of it all...


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