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My daughter is two...

Song Of The Day: You Know Me Better Than I Do / Peter Himmelman
Word Of The Day: BISC / Acronym for 'Because It Sounds Cool'.

It was my daughter's birthday party today. It was an unbelievably beautiful day, the people, the weather, the food, and especially the daughter. The first gift Ara opened was an electric guitar -a Daisy Rock guitar- which is a special brand made especially for little girls. Even though Ara is only two, and she was a premie, we couldn't resist, and we got her this one designed like a monarch butterfly. It's a small-scale guitar, so it's going to fit her perfect when she's like five or six. She went fucking ape shit, totally, completely loved it loved it. Tripp Lanier was there, my producer on Bell and now playing bass in the band, Graham English was there -keyboardist in the band, and lots of our friends from I-I and Dharma Pop. Ara opened the guitar first, and we strapped it on her and she really got that it was hers -which I knew she would, since we'd shown her the guitar on the internet and she went berzerk at the photos. She got all sorts of kick ass toys -a microphone, an art easil, killer threads, a kite, and the list goes on. She got a phone call from Ken Wilber, Genpo Roshi, and Glassman Roshi giving her a blessing -all at the same time (they were all at Ken's place). Considering that, and the amazing gathering of bodhisattvas and saints (really, I mean that when I write it, this group is big big IS), assembled to celebrate and guide her development in the World, I am really stunned at the Grace flowing in her life. Today I literally looked around and saw dozens and dozens of Agents in the Mystery gathered to care for and love Ara, and it fills me with an immense gratitude and humility to be a part of it. She is a miracle. A living, breathing miracle, and I don't know what she'll do with her life time on Earth, but I know it is an incredible privilege to be her dad. I got to catch up with Ara's Godmother (Tami Simon) today as well, and haven't seen her in weeks or months, we've both been travelling like crazy. It's not about to stop -I'm leaving in the morning for Los Angeles for two weeks to mix the album. When I come home I'll have a brand new record finished and ready to go. Trippy. It was really good today hanging with loved ones, being able to connect and ground however quickly, before I head off for two weeks in the studio pouring over details on this next batch of songs. Marci and Ara will be joining me for one week of that time, so it will cut the home sickness down to a manageable hum...

Peace and blessings...

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