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Song Of The Day: I Don't Know What It Is / Rufus Wainwright

Word Of The Day: Dacryops / Moistness of the eye.

Show last night in Boulder, very nice. Look at those people, beautiful. Listen to that band, stupendous. It was a murder of crows on new fallen snow... 110 people came, which, in the LR sense makes me wonder about the recent trend at my shows. We usually have more than that in Boulder. The last two weeks attendance at my shows has hovered between 50-60% of usual turnouts. Hmm. I don't know. Promoters have been saying they've seen a dip in attendance at some venues since the price of gas, hurricane, and the like. I think the problem more likely lies in my inadequate promotion. I've been lax, I just got occupied attending to other matters in life, and gradually the promotion machine has suffered increasing reductions on my end. Plus, I was lucky enough for a time to just have sold out shows whether I promoted them or not. That's easy to get used to. Beyond that, I've also been intentionally holding back on promoting too much to media, because I have a new album coming out and I will want to push the hell out of that, so I'm also pausing before the big push. I leave on monday for Hollywood, and will be there until we're done mixing on October 3rd. I'm planning for duplication in the month of October and release by November 1st. Just in time for the tour of the Netherlands. And what an album it will be...a track listing:

Good Weird
Parker Posey
Murder Suicide
Dirty Purity
Innocent Three Way
Before Beyond
Rape Game
Voodoo Dolls

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