Song of The Day: I'd Like That / XTC
Word Of The Day: Echolalia / The often pathological repetition of what is said by other people as if echoing them

Darth Vadar Method

Song Of The Day: Wherever You Are / David Mead
Word Of The Day: Rabiator / A Violent Man

"Wherever you are in the World, accidents will happen..." Like that line. I'm on a David Mead bender of late. He makes me ...shiny on the inside.

whiz in the paper tray

Song Of The Day: Pulling Muscles From A Shell / Squeeze
Word Of The Day: Epizeuxis / The vehement or emphatic repetition of a word

On more for nothing

Song Of The Day: Easter Theater / XTC
Word Of The Day: Irrumation / Insertion of the penis into a sexual partner's mouth.

Music: Five Random Facts

Song Of The Day: Ready To Take A Chance Again / Barry Manilow
Word Of The Day: Belluine / Pertaining to or characteristic of the nature of beasts; brutal.

Wake Up And Die Right

Song Of The Day: Dead Man's Party / Oingo Boingo
Word Of The Day: Sciamachy / Fighting with a shadow or an imaginary opponent

Why do I meditate? For that matter, why do I bother doing yoga, working on my diet, interpersonal dynamics, relationship, finances, calligraphy, music, or any of the dozens of basic modules in an "integral practice."

The Punch and Needle Method

Song Of The Day: Zoot Suit Riot / Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Word Of The Day: Ecdemomania / Compulsive wandering

Big Mind Blog / Passion

Song Of The Day: Parallel Universe Dub / The Nothing
Word Of The Day: Maculate / To stain or make impure

Have you checked out Joe Perez's blog? He's got a new book coming out too, check him out. He kicks integral ass.

Back to Big Mind, love pumpkins.

Facillitator: I'd like to speak to another voice now. Can I speak to the voice of Passion?

Passion: Yes.

F: Who am I speaking with?

I'm giving up coffee.

Song Of The Day: These Days / Nico
Word Of The Day: Unasinous / Being equally stupid

Tomorrow I will be returning to the Big Mind blog process, so take care I haven't aborted that mid-stream.


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