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Music: Five Random Facts

Song Of The Day: Ready To Take A Chance Again / Barry Manilow
Word Of The Day: Belluine / Pertaining to or characteristic of the nature of beasts; brutal.

1, When I go to buy Scandal's Greatest Hits on iTunes, Goodbye To You better be on there. See, that's what makes Scandal's Greatest Hits PLURAL, because they had TWO hits: The Warrior and Goodbye To You. So get your criminal bullshit out of my life, and put Goodbye To You on the Greatest Hits, or so help me Satan I will render your likeness in a voodoo doll and get witchy on your ass faster than you can say "puncture wound" you fucking FUCKERS!

2, Eddie Money, on his worst day, is TWICE the man, musician, and human being that Fred Durst is on his best day. Eddie Money is enlightened, Fred Durst is stupid. Hey, I don't make people, I just judge them.

3, Twisted Sister ripped off the melody to "We're Not Gonna Take It" from "Oh Come All Ye Faithful." Compare and mourn. I'm not the only one to notice.

4, The music industry is languishing because it refuses to acknowledge human interiors. It's the largest spiritual orphanage on the planet. It needs our love, it needs our stewerdship. It is an epileptic staring into a subtle-level strobe light, caught in an endless cycle of inducing and perpetuating its own seizure and black out. We need to grab its head, slowly turn it to the right, and whisper sweet truths into its ear until it remembers the inside of its own Heart.

5, Leonard Cohen wrote Hallelujah, not Jeff Buckley. Jeff was great, and his version is a ten. But Leonard wrote it. Leonard is a Zen Buddhist practitioner, living in the monastery pretty much year round. He's been at it a long, long time. By that I mean the poetic calligraphy of lines like "there is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."

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