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Flat Language Is The Vestigial Organ Of Semiotics. Let It Shrivel And Be Absorbed In A New Body

Song Of The Day: Girl On The Roof / David Mead
Word Of The Day: Bacchante / A frenzied woman, as at a rousing orgy or let-it-all-hang-out cult ceremony.

If you haven't heard of David Mead, go check him out. Girl On The Roof is a stellar track. I've wondered for years why this guy isn't all over the radio. Every album he puts out has like four or five hit singles on it. I've been a fan since my drummer Matt Keil played me a Mead song that starts out "So, a man and a woman fucked out a baby". Great voice, great melodies, hooks, great production. He should be a star!

Spent the day at Ken's place yesterday, talking about a Wilber-Davis languaging system. Very, very exciting. Like, struggle to avoid auto-eloctrocution from all the current pumping through the cellular structure. You'll be hearing a lot more about this from in the future. Those of you familiar with Ken's work already know he's the World's foremost benefactor and genuis when it comes to perspectives. His integral philosophy includes, organizes, and inter-relates all the World's wisdom traditions, domains, and methodologies. One example from the myriad dozens is linguistics. Wilber's Integral Semiotics is a linguistic revolution so stunning once you absorb it, it renders your old relationship with signifier, signified, syntax, and semantics undone. Again, you will be hearing more of this...

Those of you who know me at all, through this blog or otherwise, know that language construction, especially as a method of expanding and enriching perspectives, has been a passion of mine for years. I've been working on just such a language for quite some time, it's called Is, and it's engineered as a device to force the user to consider and include levels, depths, of communication. Why? Because Flat language is for Flat people. I've spent a lot time developing a sytems that are intended to unpack the multi-dimensionality of words, vertically and horizontally. Well, yesterday Ken blew the vertical doors off my language. Truly. His revolutionary insights -an integral semiotics- is going to fundamentally change everything it touches, everyone who encounters it. In one day, it radically transformed my language Is, and I wish I could say more people, but you'll have to wait and read more about it as it unfolds. You will be seeing concrete examples and descriptions of Ken's integral semiotics soon, and also what happens when it is applied to a human being like me, or a relationship like ours, or a language like Is, and once you experience that, the flat language we once used will shrivel like the vestigial organ it actually is.

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A rare genius. The critics are right. Expect great things from this man.

-Ken Wilber, Author of over a dozen books on consciousness