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whiz in the paper tray

Song Of The Day: Pulling Muscles From A Shell / Squeeze
Word Of The Day: Epizeuxis / The vehement or emphatic repetition of a word

I like it Pulling Muscles From A Shell when the dude sings "you wish you had a motor boat, to pose around the harbor bar, when the sun goes off to bed, you hook it up behind the car." The whole song is about vacation. It's like, a rock song about a holiday at the hamptons. Actually, I remember hearing that the entire album is about vacationing. I love the feeling of that guy singing the shit out of a rock song about beach bumbing.

I'm not on vacation. Woke up at 2am today. TWO A.M. I was like "this can't be real. Wha?" But, I rolled out of bed, meditated for an hour, but the whole time sitting there, the idea for a movie came to me, WHAM. So, at 3am, sat down, wrote my buddy movie stuff. Since then, I've been writing, but I feel like I dropped into a time warp, walked over an event horizon known as printer problems. What the heck? My printer is so unresponsive to my mood. Here's my mood: Work, printer. Here's the printer: Na-na-BEEP BEEP-buzz buzz POP slide slide buzz BEEP. How do you think that makes me feel? It's OK. I know how to heal myself. I take a whiz in the paper tray and call it even.

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