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I'm giving up coffee.

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Tomorrow I will be returning to the Big Mind blog process, so take care I haven't aborted that mid-stream.

Today is my first day of coffee diminishment. I went to see a very advanced Chinese doctor yesterday ya'll, and no skwit girlx he told me i have an acute liver crises. He said my auto immune disorder (Alopecia) is where that comes from (my liver stress). Tough to say precisely the source, but his best guess was Diet Coke. Hmm. He said he's currently treating six women with Multiple Sclerosis directly the result of Diet Coke. At any rate, my new assignment in the upper right? No alcohol, no tabacco, no coffee. Ever. Now, the alcohol and tabacco is not going to be a problem, I can take or leave those. The coffee, on the other hand.

My favorite morning ritual, the one I select whenever conditions permit, is to begin the day with a tall black coffee with two shots of espresso in it. I follow that up with a tall black coffee and two shots of espresso. For real nad split.

My liver is crying "Stop". I want to live as long as I can, so I can watch my daughter grow up and get lots of great work into the World. In order to facilitiate a longer, more functional life with increased physical, emotional, and spiritual availability, I have to axe the addictive habits, and coffee is the last stronghold.

My personality is not one for moderation, so that will conspire in my favor. I have never liked things in moderation, except moderation -don't get too much of that going. Even though Buddhism is the middle way, I've calculated its path by averaging radical swings left, right, up, down, in and out. The middle will present itself ;-) Back when I was in my teens and twenties I was all about the drugs and alcholol. Almost died many times in that experiment. Then cigarettes. Then I became extreme with ascetitism -lots of meditation, fasting, no meat ever, no alcohol, no smokes, no sex. Then I had lots and lots of sex. This required lots of people. Then I wholly terminated all sex again. Noticing a pattern here? It's peaks and valleys, baby.

But that doesn't afford one optimum availability for Bodhisattva play, so little by little I've moved things into a more humane domain. At this point, it's 45 minutes to an hour of yoga a day, an hour of meditation, a decent diet of organic fruits, vegetables, juicing, no chicken, no red meat, a little pork (all fish and water meat is toxic toxic polluted. Sorry. That's the fact, if you eat that you're looking at increase in cancer in exponential numbers), water, caffeine-free tea, beans, grains and some lamb meat here and there. Just because I fucking hate lambs.

God damn lambs.

So, the toughest objective I have before me at the moment is eliminating coffee. It's my biggest attachment, if you don't count my penis, but that comes attached.

Help me. Send heroin.

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