Von Dutch Sucks

You guys, I'm just gonna say it: Von Dutch is shit, period. Up the dial shit, down the dial shit. Doesn't matter if Madonna puts it on, or Brittney wears it, or Ashton Kutcher, or every hot chick and dude on the planet; it's ugly, tacky CRAP. Everything they make reminds me of all the truck stops and urine odors I've ever suffered. Makes me cringe. You know what? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes trashy, trucker garb is just trashy trucker garb. Gawd.

etymology of Love has no opposite... (Kosmic Respiration; something, nothing, something, nothing)

Song of the day: Whatever sound or silence we experience.
Word of the day: Fantigue (origin unknown) A state of anxiety or excitement; an instance of this, especially a fit of ill humour.


Here's some interesting info on life in Tibet since 1959...

Miracle, Angel With Two Backs, Dirty Purity, AC / DC in the drum-bag

Word of the Day: Mystagogue / In ancient Greece, a person who gave preparatory instruction to candidates for initiation into the Eleusinian or other mysteries; generally a person who introduces others to religious mysteries, a teacher of mystical doctrines, a creator or disseminator of mystical doctrines.
Song of the Day: Carey / Joni Mitchell

Anal Sex- still 92% effective in preventing CONCEPTION?!?!?!?

This is hilarious. Check this out, you can scroll to the bottom, so to speak, to see the statistic under the "Can I Get Pregnant From Anal Sex" header...

pre / trans fallacy in anthropomorphic pet owners

word of the day: vaccimulgence / the milking of cows
song of the day: new killer star / david bowie

i wanna hire david bowie's bass player. she is so fucking cool it makes me dizzy. been watching the bowie live DVD while on airplanes and waiting around in airports and stuff, it's really good -sounds killer (thanks daniel!).


Song Of The Day: Union Of The Snake / Duran Duran
Word Of The Day: Sang-froid / Coolness, self-possession, especially in the face of danger or disturbing circumstances. (from 18th century, borrowed from the French which literally translates 'cold blood', which came from the Latin 'Sanguis Frigidus' for "cold blood" meaning "cool under pressure." )


Song Of The Day: Day In The Life / Beatles


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