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Miracle, Angel With Two Backs, Dirty Purity, AC / DC in the drum-bag

Word of the Day: Mystagogue / In ancient Greece, a person who gave preparatory instruction to candidates for initiation into the Eleusinian or other mysteries; generally a person who introduces others to religious mysteries, a teacher of mystical doctrines, a creator or disseminator of mystical doctrines.
Song of the Day: Carey / Joni Mitchell

Got through four songs today putting drums down. This Brian Dillon kid is the SHIT. He bangs 'em out. I'd give you guys some pictures of him and some info, but he's got no web site, no photos, no location on the web. I'm going to get some pics this week and post them on From 10am to 2:30 we just got drum sounds and set up equipment. From 3-8pm Brian knocked out four songs, doing every one in just a few takes. Aside from Abe Laborial, 23 year-old Brian is as good as any drummer I've ever played with. He's killer. I'm LOVING the way these songs are shaping up, listening to Miracle today while we put the drums down, both Andy and I were like "Jeeeez! listen to Eddie sing..." His vocals on this track really blow us away.

AC / DC is shaping up to be a surprising spark in this collection. I have never done a song this way before, it was not finished when I got into the studio, and out of 34 songs, I wanted to cut it because it wasn't finished (lyrics), and it was more of a sketch than a song. Andy was like 'no dude, you gotta keep this one, it's the shit'. So I have literally just been making it up as we go along, and it's coming out really cool, I wrote lyrics literally while standing in the studio and trying to put a scratch vocal down, something that I thought was quite impressive until Saul Williams came in and wrote an unbelievable poem on the spot, totally freaked me out. But anyway, I have been making AC / DC up as we go along and it's surprising me every day. When we put drums on it today, and Andy added his loops and shit, I really started getting into it again. Brian came up to me and wanted to know what AC / DC was, "what does it mean?" he wondered? I said one definition was Alternating Current and Direct Current, but in the case of this song it meant something more like.... well, to be honest I don't know what the fuck it means. It's tweaking me. I love the lyrics to this song, but I have no idea why the chorus keeps coming out as:

we don't know AC
from fuckin' DC

when i listen to it, i don't really care what it means. i just wanna dance. we were dancing our asses off today while brian tracked drums on this one. it was hilarious.

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