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drums. hit them. make it happen. COME ON give me more. MORE. harder. DRUM IT. whack! THAP! snap! crack! BAM!

song of the day: little drummer boy
word of the day: rock

we're in the studio trying some drums today. brian dillon is in to do some tracks. we're checking it out, doing snare sounds. last time i recorded with a drummer it was Abe Laborial on Bell, and he had like 22 snare drums i shit you not. and a billion other drums. really a lot of snares though, and before that i was working with Jimmy England on the silver album, and we did snare sounds for like a whole day snare in the morning snare in the afternoon snare all night just getting snare sounds i thought i was going to LOSE my mind. i felt a hatred rising for snares i hadn't known before. but now me likey again. thing is, the snare is the shit. gotta have a good snare groove going on.

i originally saw brian playing at boulder theater way back, and he was in a huge plexiglass box on stage during the whole show, and i was like "dude, fill that with water, add a few fishes, and you've got a schtick." "what about drowning?". "a simple breathing tube should suffiice." and here we are, all these months later, and i have him in here, under water, fish schooling about his head, and we're ready to put the tube in. i'm just waiting to add the tube because right now i have so much power. i love the power. he needs air, i need power. who's to say which is more important? who is to judge?

ever since i got mad at julia roberts, bruce hornsby, and the fucker who put the clash's music in a pontiac commercial, i have been seeing and hearing celebrities in commercials every where. first it's gene hackman in there WITH bruce hornsby i notice, and of course you can't turn a t.v. on without hearing that INANE train song "well an airplane's faster than a cadillac, and a whole lot better than a camel's back" on that cell phone commercial, and THEN, and THEN Stephen Colbert's doing Mr Goodwrench commercials left and right, and listen, Stephen is my HERO. i LOVE Stephen. THEN, and this is the kicker, Adrian Brody is doing Coke commercials. and then, i realize i'm a hypocrite. cuz even though every one else doing commercials bugs me, i find myself willing to be quite forgiving and dismissive of Stephen Colbert, and oh lord, when i see Adrian Brody doing Coke, i'm like "you know, i LOVE diet coke." and the fact of the matter is, for all my rage against the commercialism of artists and musicians doing ads, i WEAR a Coca Cola shirt ALL THE TIME, and no one even pays me, and it's pretty much the only shirt i will wear with something written on it. and those of you who have read my blog have heard me advertise Diet Coke over and over, of my own volition and without prompting from anyone or any thing. and i do it because i actually endorse Diet Coke in the sense i think it's awesome. so, maybe i'm wrong. maybe Bruce Hornsby loves Lowe's Lumber Yard, and Julia Roberts just loves AOL, and Stephen Colbert loves Goodwrench. but here's the thing, all those companies and products are lame and stupid. Coke is the shit. so Adrian, you're in. Stephen, i forgive you. I'll be in the corner over here sipping a DC and judging everyone if you need me.

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