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Song Of The Day: Union Of The Snake / Duran Duran
Word Of The Day: Sang-froid / Coolness, self-possession, especially in the face of danger or disturbing circumstances. (from 18th century, borrowed from the French which literally translates 'cold blood', which came from the Latin 'Sanguis Frigidus' for "cold blood" meaning "cool under pressure." )

In the studio with Saul Williams yesterday, doing a bunch of stuff on the song Easter. Saul wrote a poem on the spot for it, and it was killer. A real highlight of the year, easily.

My iMac is in the shop, and I'm using my PowerBook G4 to do everything until the iMac gets all healed up. Whenever I use the iMac, I am reminded why I don't do a great deal of typing or text stuff on it if I can help it, ESPECIALLY blogging. The PowerBook G4 is, without a doubt, one of the greatest computers ever made. Everything Apple makes is the SHIT, so that's not the problem. The problem is, the PowerBook has a very nasty, truly aggravating quirk -at least MINE does- which is simply that some combination of the way the touch-pad mouse feature is situated in relation to the keys periodically results in my hands inadvertently striking a combination of keys which instantly DELETES all my work. Yes, it deletes ALL of my work. No, it cannot be retrieved by typing Apple-Z. Now, if I'm in a program that auto-saves, no big deal, but in the blogging system I use, you can't save as you type, you have to submit the blog if you want to preserve it, go back in, and begin editing again from there. That's no big deal, really, and on my iMac I never have a problem with it. But on this power book, it's another story. For instance, I just wrote you guys a very lengthy blog about Saul Williams, western esoteric spirituality, and much more. I was really into it, typing typing typing. Then, VOILA! GONE. ALL of it. Now, I'm not a quitter, but nothing quite takes the wind out of your sails like the instant evaporation of 45 minutes worth of writing. Sadly, this happens about 33% of the time I write on my Power Book, and it is not something that can be avoided or corrected, it's a twisted, fucked up by-product of something like the size of my hands and the way they interface with the key pad or something. But it is really frustrating. I find it helps if I smash beer bottles on the key pad and plunge my fist through the screen. Then... tranquilo.

So, I'm sorry, I had written you a really cool note about hip-hop, Hermeticism, Alchemy, Gnosis, and such, but it was zapped by the mac. We bid that blog adieu.

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