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Song Of The Day: Across The Universe / Beatles
Word Of The Day: Ubiety / State of being in a place; 'thereness'; position.

The Cruise, starring Timothy Speed Levitch

Song Of The Day: And Boom, A Shock / Pascal

Word Of The Day: Zenana / Harem; system of segregating women in harems.

Check out the lyrics to that song And Boom A Shock by Pascal:

What are quadrants for?

Song Of The Day: Paranoia, The Destroyer / The Kinks
Word Of The Day: Xenagogy / A guidebook

In the Hall Of The Mountain-Breakfast In America Wizard-King

Song Of The Day: Breakfast In America / Supertramp
Word Of The Day: Whisternefet / A sharp slap

Sex Seasons...

Song Of The Day: Four Seasons In One Day / Crowded House
Word Of The Day: Ecbatic / (Grammar) signifying result without intention.

My name Stuahabelle... married to myself.

Why I have to do yoga

Song Of The Day: Lunatic Fringe / Red Rider
Word Of The Day: Jejunator / One who fasts

God Girl

Song Of The Day: Autumn Leaves / Benny Golson
Word Of The Day: Ultrafidian / Going beyond faith.

Reaper Wonder

Working on a new song last night. Reaper Wonder...

If a reaper
has a burden then it's
probly aching
from the laughing
at the site of all
site of you seekers
chasing your assassin
kneel before a butcher
beg to skip the blood shed
makes a reaper wonder


Song Of The Day: Green Man / XTC
Word Of The Day: Sarmassation / Love play

Well, my new album is done. It's been recorded, mixed, and at least pre-mastered. The final song list is (in the currently preferred order):

Bodhisattvas on non-reactive presence...

Song Of The Day: I Yell At Traffic / Leo Kottke
Word Of The Day: Borborygmite / A dirty mouth, or practitioner of spurcitious--foul and obscene--language


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