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The Cruise, starring Timothy Speed Levitch

Song Of The Day: And Boom, A Shock / Pascal

Word Of The Day: Zenana / Harem; system of segregating women in harems.

Check out the lyrics to that song And Boom A Shock by Pascal:

and boom a shock, a rock was thrown
and had i known i might have ducked
but no
it hit my throat - it made me clutch and choke
and then another rock hit my crotch
i doubled over and broke
and for all the spitting i tried to speak
and the words i spoke was

wait a minute
there must be more than this
this doesn't hurt so much

and in the middle of me
you will find a tender thing
i can feel ya tuggin on my heart strings
and in the middle of me
you can hear a birdie sing
let me out of the ribcage
let me out of the ribcage

Yes, that is indeed a fucking AWESOME song. are you KIDDING ME? the first time i heard him hit the chorus and sing

wait a minute,
there must be more than this,
this doesn't hurt so much

i was fucking LIT. that is the kind of beautiful, stunning surprise you wait years and years to hear from a lyricist. can't be faked. this dude has IT, he accesses a whole new perspective, a whole new possibility right there in the midst of cruelty, humiliation, assault-somebody throwing fucking rocks at this kids throat and nuts- and he's like 'wait, there's another way... and by the end of the song he's submerged us in love, in spite of the poisonous bile he's been hit with, or because of it. truly killer. that's why christianity was catapulted (pun intended) to the big time by Roman torture, the christians (the post-conventional christians, esoteric christians, like Brother Wayne Teasdale. or Father Thomas Keating, not the human infections of a Pat Robertson or George Bush) LIVED and DIED each episode of intended humuliation and torture as a singular opportunity to inhabit and express the absolute, impersonal Love of Christ conscsiousness.

(By the way, for those of you reading this who think I'm a hypocrite for on the one hand, lauding the spiritual realization of what I consider to be more advanced or authentic christians, and on the other hand crucifying -sorry, couldn't resist- the puss-filled hate-mongers and mythic imperialists, then you should really stop reading this blog and go pick up a copy of the Cellistine Prophecy or something. It's critical and indispensable to recognize the universal ABSOLUTE value of every human being- George Bush included, Pat Robertson included. That universal value does not fluctuate or change, every human being is equally 100% GOD. However, and this is equally critical and indispensable, human beings are not all equal realizations of this God-nature. Further, "spirituality" is not the incapacity to DISCERN. Discriminating between feces and food, for instance, is very useful. Discriminating between healthy and pathological versions of ANY perspective is crucial. A mythic world view is a natural, perfect, and inevitable stage of development for any human being. We WANT people to reach it. However, a pathological mythic world view is not a good thing. In particular, a pathological mythic imperialistic world view hijacking the World's most powerful governmental assembly and using it to set the World Cultural Clock back 2,000 years really, really suxx. the bodhisattva's vow is not about comforting and consoling people with some soft, fuzzy blanket, and it's not a popularity contest. whatever is the quickest route to Reality As It Is -that is compassion, whatever will cultivate the greatest awareness and the most expansive, inclusive network of perspectives, that is assistance. if *some* people don't resent you and hate you, you're not doing spiritual work. if people hate you and resent you for the wrong reasons, like your proclivity for delusional, inappropriate meddling in others affairs under the guise of 'bodhisattva's work', then you're just an asshole. usually it's a mix of both...)

Big Love. That's really the shit, girlz, and once you see someone who lives it, it cracks your heart, breaks your heart wide open. I remember meeting Brother Wayne Teasdale the first time, and feeling my chest hurt, literally my chest ached for a day or so afterward. That happened to me each time I was with him. Same happened when I was hanging with Brother David, my belly and chest were so strangely affected, not even talking about anything, but just being with him, I felt like I was going to start sobbing any second. Those two men and a few others (Rollie, ROOOHLEEEE, that's YOU I'm talking about here...) have deeply re-oriented and healed my relationship and history with Christianity. I had some bruises, you know, we all do, whatever culture or religion you are brough up in, you just end up with some scarring, it's nothing special to any religion. Indians have Hindu bruises, Israelis have Jewish bruises, Americans have Christian bruises, Egyptians have Islamic bruises, and so on. Of course those are very broad strokes I'm painting with there, but you get my drift. After I finally got to have some relationships with 2nd tier Christians, it really cracked me back open, and I realized that in my anger and resentment over the fundamentalist poo, I had thrown the inner Christ baby out with the exoteric dogmatic water. So i hadda go get the baby. Anyway, that's what the song And Boom A Shock reminds me of somehow.

And speaking of HISTORIC 2nd tier works of art...

Oh my god. BUY this movie It's in my top ten films of all time now. You're probably going to have to buy it on ebay, and it's only available on VHS -BUT DO IT. Think of it like you're buying a precious, rare work of art- BECAUSE YOU ARE. I'm not shitting. Don't bother reading reviews of the film from popular critics -they're not going to get it. It's like reading reviews of Mulholland Drive or I *heart* Huckabees or Thin Red Line, no critics get those films, they literally do not possess adequate resonance. If you don't have the right equipment you can't pick up short wave radio, and if you haven't developed sufficiently in certain lines, you're not going to "get" certain movies- and it IS a matter of development, not taste just taste. If you don't have the right taste buds, you won't taste it. It won't register on your pallette. Anyway, I am done bothering with developmental disparity when it comes to deep films being reviewed by monocular, sensory-deprived industry parasites who wouldn't register a spiritual metaphor if they're awakening depended on it (it does). So don't bother surfing the net looking for insightful reviews of The Cruise, starring Timothy Speed Levitch, unless they're written in IS.

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