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Discord is essential

Song Of The Day: Across The Universe / Beatles
Word Of The Day: Ubiety / State of being in a place; 'thereness'; position.

It's good to practice with your instrument out of tune. Develop the ability to operate in shitty circumstances with bad equipment. Lately I've practicing with my guitar slightly out of tune -yeah, I know Ha Ha I'm always out of tune- but I mean I'm doing it on purpose while rehearsing with myself. Because the fact is, when you rehearse with an in-tune instrument, precisely calibrated, the first thing that happens at the show is it goes out of tune, and their your mind goes out of tune, and then your body. Or you have a perfectly tuned guitar, and a head cold, or you have an in-tune guitar and a totally kick ass voice, and the PA sucks, or the sound guy sucks, or everyone at the club is drunk and talking their asses off. That's just the way it is with everything in the Kosmos. There's never been a government that's not been full of aberrations, distortions, corruptions, never a culture, never a person, never an artwork. The defects are the perfection. That's the way the Mystery works, by always including shit that doesn't work. It's an enigmatic paradox, but you have to go through those portals, if you can be totally there with your out of tune guitar and still just show up and make your self fully available to your Essential Self, then the spontaneous birth of that moment can more fully unfold, and weird, miraculous shit becomes possible. I have struggled with this all my life, wanting things to be put in to order, wanting the environment, the conditions, the atmosphere within and without to perfectly *ALIGN* so I could get X done. But that never happens. There's no such thing. And the obsessive drive to seek better conditions to do the work in the Mystery is the first thing to prevent and inhibit the unbelievably auspicious opportunity of THIS fucked up, broken, perfect set of conditions. This is it. Guitar out of tune, body sick, bad weather, bad PA, whatever it is, we literally have NO idea how exactly, precisely aligned the elements are this very second in order encourage spontaneous awakening. The seen and unseen is always pregnant, ready to give birth to a whole new reality, the second we stop waiting around, thinking something better will come along. As agents in the Mystery, we just don't fully understand the decoys. It's all a masquerade, and it isn't useful to assign value to these magnets in disguise. Play the out of tune instrument. Dissonance is essential. I mean, tune your instrument, but don't KILL the fucking groove cuz your obsessed with a tiny bit of discord.

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