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In the Hall Of The Mountain-Breakfast In America Wizard-King

Song Of The Day: Breakfast In America / Supertramp
Word Of The Day: Whisternefet / A sharp slap

Listen. Stop fucking around. Go get a pair of headphones- GOOD headphones, and listen to Breakfast In America by Supertramp. If you don't start moving your body -if you're not flailing your arms like a drunk German in 30 seconds, if you're not spinning like horny gypsy by the time that clarinet kicks in, you are a DEAD on the inside. Not many works of art that clock in at two minutes forty seconds can be administered as a barometer of a person's soul, but this can. I will watch you listen to this song and half way through the first chorus tell you whether I ever wanna see you again.

(On a supertramp tangent, whoever the fuck the modern rock band is that covered Give A Little Bit -Goo Goo Dolls?- thanks a lot for taking an INCREDIBLE song and excreting it through the polyp-riddled aperture you call "music", you SICK shoe-gazing FUCKS, I hope you and Six Pence None The Richer get trapped on an Island where demonic, berzerker versions of Crowded House and Supertramp piss turpentine all over you for like, a hundred years).

Breakfast In America is historic, trans-genre pop. It's Munich at the height of Summer, it's Romania early 1900's. Wait, is that the fucking Beach Boys I hear in there, swinging atop the spires of St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow? If you say "it's just oompah with a bit of glitter" I've got a whisternefet with your name on it. That melody alone, forget the arrangement- you will sing that melody for five days after one listen. JEEEZ. Obla-Dee Obla-Da wishes it were Breakfast In America. I listen to Breakfast In America, and I would like to set it up on a blind date with Wizard. What if Wizard and Breakfast In America were like at a Hollywood rave, and they were all hopped up on X, and they end up making out in the stall, wet kisses, heavy petting, aural sex, and next thing, they conceived a baby? I think it would be Grieg's In The Hall Of The Mountain King.

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