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Bodhisattvas on non-reactive presence...

Song Of The Day: I Yell At Traffic / Leo Kottke
Word Of The Day: Borborygmite / A dirty mouth, or practitioner of spurcitious--foul and obscene--language

I never take naps. I don't like the notion of having to drop out in the middle of the day to troll for Delta waves. But on occasion there's no alternative. After spending three days alone with my daughter in LA this last weekend and essentially having two hours of sleep of night (I go to bed at 2:30am, she wakes up about 5am) I was ready to drop my too-cool-for-naps attitude. I had a music business meeting on Sunday at 4:30pm, and it was one of those kind of career-defining moments, so I didn't want to show up a Zombie. Ara went down for her nap at 1pm or so, and I did too. It wasn't long into it that I had this dream...

I was sitting with Rupert Hine, David Bowie, and Andy Partridge. These three formed the sort of high-counsel of the Mystery operatives from England. They were three of the Buddhas of rock and roll. It was all perfectly clear in the dream, in each successive turning of the Dharma Wheel, bodhisattvas assume whatever form may be most useful to the liberation of all sentient beings. It's a Universal labor of Love, but its strategy and technology is (when skillfully developed) particular to this time in history, this confluence of cultures, this set of tetra-evolving circumstances in the relative Lotus of four quadrants. The realization these Rock Buddhas have of the Absolute is immutable and prior to manifestation, but the way it manifests and transmutes in the Relative domains of form is ever-changing, and that's why a bodhisattva becomes interested in things like t.v., movies, and pop music, there's an incredible efficacy in a conscious harnessing of their potency. And that's what was perfectly clear to the David Bowie bodhisattva, the Andy Partridge bodhisattva, the Rupert Hine bodhisattva. What was even cooler was that it was instantaneously conveyed to me from these beings (who communicated telepathically in thought-forms, not words, and they always "spoke" in perfect unison, with an accompanying "sound", again not words but an ambient tingling of angelic bells) that if I were to meet the gross form of David Bowie, the waking consciousness in corporeal form of David Bowie might not understand or realize the ever-present inhabitatin of the Bodhisattva David Bowie, but that didn't matter, there was always already the Bodhisattva Masters in-dwelling in David Bowie, Andy Partridge, and Rupert Hine, and even at times when the frontal structures -the personas, egos, or waking awarenesses of these beings- may forget or lapse from their Awakened Essential Self, the Awakened Essential Self was still very much in control and abiding. They were kind of like "there's no problem letting the ego think it has control, as long as it not fucking up essential operations in the Mystery. In fact, it is an indispensable partner in some chambers of the labyrinth."

So, there I was with these three Bodhisattvas, they were in a circle with me, assembled as a counsel of guides in my life's work. They began to communicate without words, but I'll put it in words for you, since thought / emotion-forms don't work too well in blogs. They were like:

"It's time for your music career to move to the next level. You are ready to assume a greater role as an agent in Work. This is because your non-reactive presence has developed to an adequate degree."

"Wow. Adequate? Thanks a fucking lot. I've always dreamed of adequate attainment of non-reactive presence."

"It's actually quite significant to have an adequate non-reactive presence, because it means you'll be capable of remaining present through some of the difficult things to come with this move to the next level. You won't abandon the Dharma as the distraction and distortions increase with the activities of this next level."

"That's funny, cuz I feel like I've never been MORE reactive in my life. I'm fucking beset with rage, confusion, and vertigo about half the time."

"Non-reactive presence doesn't mean 'un-responsive'. Your capacity to respond will increase with your ability to not react. Reactivity is un-conscious entanglement. Responsiveness is conscious engagement. And being non-reactive does not mean that they noise and distortions in your cognitive mind and emotional body have diminished. It means that your capacity to remain quiet in the presence of noise has increased. There is still noise, and there will be more noise. Practice doesn't mean eliminating distortions and apparitions, it means developing a vehicle which is responsive and nimble in the midst of distortions and apparitions. Calibrate the vehicle to maneuver through vertigo."

"Sometimes I feel like I can't be trusted with the Mystery."

"Sometimes you can't, and that's why you're surrounded by US, and hundreds of other people who can absorb, refract, and transfigure the trouble spots. You're always on parole. But fucking up isn't what you think it is."

"Ha!! You just said Butt-fucking. Ha!"

"Yep. Anyway... you are still reactive, but it's a manageable level of reactivity, because at this point you are protected by your lineage, you are protected by an accretion of surrender-momentum in your life, and you have been blessed with a very large, very lucid extended family. The trade off for that is that you are expected to respond by magnifying the living expression of Love in the World in whatever way possible."

At that point, the dream began to fade, and I was like "oh no, you guys, don't GO, I don't want this moment to end, I LOVE YOU GUYS... but then they were gone.

I went to my business meeting that afternoon, and got offered a management contract. The Mystery was winking at me through five sets of eyes that afternoon. The secret is afoot...

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