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Pimp My Parker

Song Of The Day: Parker Posey / Stuart Davis
Word Of The Day: Sacerdotal / Pertaining to priest, especially sacrificial; granting or believing in mysterious or miraculous priestly powers.

Last night in Fort Collins I got to rock with Tripp Lanier and Graham English. Tripp on bass, Graham on keys, and tonight in Boulder we're adding a drummer. We had an abysmal turn out last night, about 25 people, but I have to say -and I shit you not- I had a complete, utter blast and I thought the show rocked. If you missed it, you missed it, but tonight in Boulder is your shot at redememption, and we're throwing a drummer into the deal- Brian Dillon is taking the stage with us on drums. It's going to be very IS...

After arriving home from the show, I pulled up my song Parker Posey, which producer Alex Gibson and executive producer Rupert Hine have been working on a lot lately. Well, I pretty much fucking wet my pants.

Have you ever seen the show Pimp My Ride, when they go pick up someone's piece of shit, dillapitated jallopy of a car, take it into the shop, and then the next time that person sees it, it's a fuxxing PIMP RIDE??? Well, that's what happened with Parker Posey, in a way. I mean, Parker has just been through a lot of work. I have always, always loved the song. But I had my doubts about it when my wife said, upon hearing it, 'it doesn't touch my heart'. So, for a while I was like, 'I guess it sucks.' But then, I was like 'it's not supposed to touch your HEART. it's supposed to infuse you with a bit of sexualized vertigo. it's supposed to feel like a Parker Posey performance. the experience of the song should be like watching Parker in House Of Yes, or Suburbia. Like the song says -it's Pretty Woman meets Clock Work Orange.

After a period of questioning the fuxxing kick ass nature of this song, I started playing it out a bit. Let the audience decide. Well, they dig it. It quickly became many people's favorites. My producer and exec producer were both like 'yeah, there's something really cool about it, but it's also kind of a confused amalgam right now.'

On the plane ride to L.A. last trip, I started spontaneously re-writing the song. I cut out some sections, I changed the words, re-wrote the choruses. When I land, Alex was like 'dude, I need you to re-write Parker'. I was like 'DONE MOTHER FUXXX!!!!'

I played him the re-writes, he was like 'Much better.' Then, he took it, started putting fuxx MAG wheels with alloy rims on it, fuzzy dice, five DVD players in each seat, the glove box, and a double wide home theater system in the trunk, he paints it fuxx ultra-plasmatic GOLD with real gold inlay and real gold leaf mirrors and gold fuxx rockets on the muffler. He sends me the new PARKER, and I'm like

FUXXX! UNbelievable. Holy shit. By that I mean sacred exrement. Like Deities are dropping their numinous MUD into our field, creating the richest Rock Soil in the Universe, and from it springs a YIELD, a 'YIELD' as in a SURRENDER, a submission to the Perfect Pop Song. But it's not done. Then, Rupert is like, with his total English accent,

'Might I have a look at that?'

which is cosmopolitan English-speak for 'dude, GIVE IT, i'm gonna get IN THAT GRILL, God-Bitch." if you're a musician, put on a diaper before you read the next sentence...

Rupert is the guy who INVENTED MIDI.

So, Rupert takes Parker, and literally climbs a spiral staircase into the Ether. He invents more instruments. He's wood shedding in the 6th Angelic Realm for like two months -but that's on Earth- in heaven, there's no Time. well there is, but it's not time. it's Time + / - / =. Rupert is in the trans-temporal + / - / = and from under Nirvana's door we hear the faint hum of diamond bladed saws, then long periods of absolute silence. this is the kind of silence that is not merely the absence of sound, but the Presence of a vacuum so total it fuxxing makes your soul BLINK. after about three blinks, even God is like

'What the fuxx is Roop doing in there?'

Well, last night I found out what he was doing in there. I played the new version of Parker Posey on my computer when I got home from the show, and it was THE exact way I had always imagined, envisioned, and hoped the song would turn out. It IS Parker Posey now, thanks to Alex and Roop. Those two dudes Pimped My Parker like the Twin Stars they are. Their coupled gravity is such it literally manipulates the contour of space / time around them. Their love changes the landscape, the mindscape, the soundscape.

Word to our formless Mother.

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