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What a time in Portland! Had a great show on Friday night at the Green Room... (Down in the Green Room / somebody's moaning...). Thanks to everyone who came out -great crowd. I'll definitely be back. And a huge double double thanks to Music Millenium for loaing me a mic cable. God knows why, but I didn't have one with me, and the club didn't have one, but my good friend (who I'd just met) Brian was like, dude, it's cool and he called Music Millenium and then drove my ass over there at like 9:20pm, ten minutes before the show, and they loaned me a mic cable. Well, I'd never been to that place before, and not only are they the nicest people, but it is literally, no lie, the COOLEST record store in all of Portland. It's the SHIT. If you go to Portland, you have to go to Music Millenium and check out their EVERYTHING. It's amazing. I'm going to try and set up and in-store there next time. At any rate, I had dinner with the Integral gang as welll while here, I was staying at the Holiday Inn, right across from DACX Cafe, and there were a bunch of Integral peeps at the gig, so I said let's all have dinner. Seven of us got together at the cafe and hung out for about three hours. Was a total blast.

Among other items, we talked of PSI phenomena and the dialogue I'd recorded that day with Dean Radin, Ph.D. He's a researcher in the field, has spent over two decades, written two books, conducting emerpirical research on PSI phenomena (Clairvoyance, telepethy, presentience, remote viewing, etc). The hard data will blow your fucking head off. I am going to blog about this in the next day or two or three. I'm travelling today and have a show in Seattle tonight at the Tractor Tavern (send your pals), but when I get a moment I am going to put some of the PSI juice into the blog. By any measure of the most stringent "emperical" proofing, PSI phenomena have been established now, for decades. This is so much so that researches stopped conducting research to prove or falsify it, irrefutable evidence in such volume has been replicated so many thousands and tens of thousands of times that it's silly to continue verifying its existence. Researchers have moved into examining its particulars. What's interesting the body of data hasn't been accepted by the scientific community fully, and that has to do with World Views and perceptual filters built into the perspectives held so tightly by various developmental waves, in this instance, the Rational / Scientific perspective, which does not allow for or know how to incorporate many of the features in the (proven, by their own measure and method) PSI domain. There is a thousand fold more hard emperical evidence for clairvoyance than there is for the Omega Minus particle, and yet the omega minus particle, having been detected only once in every 100,000 trials, was quickly accepted and included in the catalogue of "known and verified" by the physics community, while clairvoyance remained on the periphery as a pseudo-domain. However, if one takes a completely (no pun intended) objective survey of all data and meta-analysis to boot, there's no question here. What becomes evident as well is the irrational shadow (blind spot) built into the pathological version (dogmatic) of the Rational / Scientific World View. That's not the fault of science, or rationality, it's the over-identification with specific versions of it, with preferred stations in its history, and a refusal to remain open to its new, and forthcoming generations. There reallly is nothing exotic here. PSI is simply a native dimension in the right treasury of human capacities. It appears to be one line in literally dozens or hundreds which are partially inborn and pre-given to greater or lesser degrees (like music), but can also be developed to a degreee (like music). What's more, it's always beneficial to ourselves and our contribution to the whole to develop and include as much as we can, to embrace the whole of what is available to us as humans, and that would include the dimension of our being known as PSI. It's notable that research has observed a great deal of correspondance between meditation practitioners and those more "mystically" inclined in practice and the appearance of PSI capacity. Of course the link is AWARENESS. Simple, simple awareness. So much of what prevents or inhibits some of our native potential (PSI, for instance), is the constant back ground of White Noise in our own heads! We're white noise junkies, on the inside and the outside. When attention is brought to a point, and awareness is still, and this is consistently cultivated over time and developed, you may notice the activation of deeper, wider varieties of awareness. It's not exotic, it just seems so because so much of prevailing academic / popular perception has put it beyond the boundary of what is "known", "safe", "acceptable", and so on. I strongly encourage everyone to check out Dean Radin's book The Conscious Universe.

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