Hollywood Blogs / Day Six

I think it's Father's Day today. Isn't it? Sunday June 17th? I am a father. I have a father.

The Replacements

Hollywood Blogs / Day Five

Eddie Kowalczyk (Buddha front man of Live) came in last night. We had Miracle all ready, and sure enough, Eddie arrived and in about an hour knocked it OUT of the astronomical park. Can't say how much it has meant to me to be working with him. His giving, gracious nature (and it goes without saying charisma + talent!) has absolutely blown me away. He's done this twice now. A year ago, we tried to put this song on my album ¿What. We just couldn't hear it. Sitting next to the songs in that collection, it didn't make sense to us.

(a word Eddie K made up last night)

Hollywood Blogs / Day Four

The problem is I only brought one shirt to Hollywood. Literally. I stepped onto a plane with one shirt. the one I was wearing. I've been wearing the same shirt for the last three days. today I sent my assistant Leslie to buy me some t-shirts. i'm still getting the hang of having an assistant. i had to come up with tasks for her to do, and made some mis-steps. first i had her work on a rubic's cube. but we were both like "how is this helping my career?". then i had her write apologies to my wife (for future use), but she was like "how do we even know what you'll have done wrong?".


Hollywood Blogs / Day Three

Nate Jenkins, Alex, Jason (intern here at the studio), Leslie (my intern), and I are rocking. We're getting Miracle done by Friday so Eddie K can come in and do his vocals on it. I am absolutley loving what I'm hearing.


Hollywood Blogs / Day Two

woke up, went to producer Alex Gibson's home. the man. the myth. the moth. we cavorted for a time, frollicking like catholic school boys in the joviality and fraternity of Rock that is afforded only those who've created audio-babies together. then we got down to business. song list for the new album. tempos of each song. key signatures. we mapped out the landscape of the record, moving things here and there, adjusting keys, speeds, so we have the right undulation in the sonic safari.

means "point of all places" in IS

Virginia Tech Massacre / Stuart Davis Show

This week the Stuart Davis Show focused on the shootings at Virginia Tech. In the spirit of love, the show is intended as a memorial to the victims as their families. In it, various causes and reactions to the shooting are explored, from different perspectives (subjective, objective, inter-subjective, and inter-objective), and distinct altitudes of awareness. I attempted to offer a slightly more integral view to this profoundly painful event.

One Mind Village

Stuart Davis Interview on OneMindVillage.com, as well as Ken Wilber and Paul Lonely! Check it out, fresh out of the hopper. Killer site...

The Stuart Davis Show, Episode 8: Death Day!


This week on The Stuart Davis Show:

Death Day! Watch it on YOUTUBE now...

Will YOU die? Do you know someone who's mortal? Finally, an episode tailored to your uniqueness. This show's a meadley of some deadly shit. Put your head in the key hole, turn your soul until it un-splits, and your lamp's been lit. Roll your "I" out your head and check this shit!

New! Episode 7 of The Stuart Davis Show: Shh... The Secret!


This week on The Stuart Davis Show, Episode Seven: Shhh... The Secret! Crack for ego maniacs. The Stu clones get their hands on The Secret, and it all goes awry. See what happens when a pre-rational asshole wields a hallucinogenic holy hoax. Also, news from Sex, God, and Rock 'n Roll:

The Secret: The Spirituality of Narcissism

"Let me know Your enormity, and my tininess
Help me see Your infinity and my finite-ness"

-Mike Doughty, His Truth Is Marching On

The Spirituality of Narcissism.

Love of Darkness


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