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(a word Eddie K made up last night)

Eddie Kowalczyk (Buddha front man of Live) came in last night. We had Miracle all ready, and sure enough, Eddie arrived and in about an hour knocked it OUT of the astronomical park. Can't say how much it has meant to me to be working with him. His giving, gracious nature (and it goes without saying charisma + talent!) has absolutely blown me away. He's done this twice now. A year ago, we tried to put this song on my album ¿What. We just couldn't hear it. Sitting next to the songs in that collection, it didn't make sense to us. We tried recording a version of it, Eddie spent a day back then (in colorado) building it with us, and his parts were fantastic. In the end, we set it aside, simply not knowing what to do with it. When I called Eddie to tell him it wasn't going on the album, I was quite dejected. Really bummed out, because I believed and felt such a conviction about the song, felt bad after all he'd done for it, telling him it got cut. His response really made an impression on me. He just said "don't worry about it. really. that song will have its time. its time hasn't come yet, but it will. i know it." he was right!

Three days ago, Alex and I sat down and started working on it (starting from scratch), and the music, arrangement, and production simply FLOWED out of us. it was one of the easiest, seamless things we've ever worked on. we thought we'd be rushed to have it ready enough for Eddie to sing on, but in fact we were sitting around six hours before he arrived, trying to think of anything else it needed. but there wasn't. it was as though the song had gestated for a year, and came out fully formed, done, ready to run. eddie arrived, effortlessly put his magic in, and voila'. we sat and talked about movies and ken wilber and spirituality for an hour. it was one of those nights that leaves me wondering how on Earth I got so lucky. it have spent a lot of time lately living in gratitude for the people in my life. i LOVE everyone i work with. i mean i really love them. it is a mysterious recognition, a way of knowing each other that is hard to describe, but impossible to miss. Love is the way.

In that work-play of love, Eddie is an exemplar to me, has been from years ago. I have learned from him for years. As a father, artist, spiritual practitioner, friend. I have drawn so much inspiration from him as an artist and person, it feels like a profound milestone to have this song come to fruition with him so central to its realization. Thank you, Eddie!

Today we have moved further in working on Fear of Light. Lyrics

Trapped inside a theater
of faces I defend
I say they're only stories
but I am what I pretend
to be

You show me a lover
who has wandered
toward the flash
I'll show you a layer
in the sediment
of ash

All I want to do
is melt back into you
still I fight
fear of light

It's easier
to focus on a figment
in the sky
than look
into the secret
in someone else's eyes
and I know why

This fevered dream
this suffocating night
keeps my heart asleep
in fear of light

All I want to do
is melt back into you
still i fight
fear of light

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