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I think it's Father's Day today. Isn't it? Sunday June 17th? I am a father. I have a father.

A nod to my pops. I have been incredibly blessed to have an outstanding, loving father. My dad has always been there. He grew up in a tough situation. Northern Minnesota. He, seven sisters (that's a lot of feminine energy, and I gotta believe it was a powerful force of love), his mom and dad lived in a one-room tar paper shack through some really brutal mining range winters. They had to kill things to eat. That's the way it was. I never heard my dad complain about it. Or hold it over our heads ("when I was a kid, we had to...").

Not his style. He worked his ass off, and rose up through the ranks to become a major project manager at one of the biggest construction companies in the Midwest. And he was great at his job. He raised a family, and provided stability, support, love, and patience to all of us, without exception. And me and my brothers were challenging kids. That's another story. Let's just say the job of dad was one replete with trials. Even though my dad came from a back ground that (Midwester Protestant vibe) is not known for its effusive display of emotions ;-) he always, always told us all he loved us, and hugged us freely and un-self consciously. He has always lived and worked with total integrity, preferring to be a living example of his values than talking about them all the time. I've never seen my dad break the law. Ever. Never heard him lie. Not once. He's simply a loving, upstanding human being, and I hope I can be half the dad to my daughters my dad has been to me. I know the conditions have been tough sometimes. He's a devout Christian who believes the Bible is the word of God. I'm a Zen Buddhist who's says things like 'all beliefs are false'. He's organized, I'm chaotic. He is a dependable planner. I'm unpredictable & impulsive. My father is humble, dignified. I'm a chronic exhibitionist who puts my life on parade. My dad managed an even, steady career and retirement plan. I have gambled and risked through peaks and valleys. But I have never had a doubt -in my whole life- that my dad absolutely, unconditionally loves me. And I have tested him with difficult conditions. But that love never wavers. I really want to live that same love with my daughters.

I am so grateful for you dad. Thank you for a lifetime of everything I ever needed. I love you!

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