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New! Episode 7 of The Stuart Davis Show: Shh... The Secret!


This week on The Stuart Davis Show, Episode Seven: Shhh... The Secret! Crack for ego maniacs. The Stu clones get their hands on The Secret, and it all goes awry. See what happens when a pre-rational asshole wields a hallucinogenic holy hoax. Also, news from Sex, God, and Rock 'n Roll:

*You Two Faced Pig: What would you do with a duplicated snout?
*Back That Azz Up: Archeologists study the status of the caboose, circa 15,000 years ago
*Japan, flaccid: Island nation says 'Not tonight honey. I have a low replacement rate.'
*Sacre Bleu! Chris Martin of Coldplay pisses off a dead French war hero (yes, there is one...)
*Chris Walken as Ozzy Osbourne?

All this and more, on Episode Seven of The Stuart Davis Show.

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