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The problem is I only brought one shirt to Hollywood. Literally. I stepped onto a plane with one shirt. the one I was wearing. I've been wearing the same shirt for the last three days. today I sent my assistant Leslie to buy me some t-shirts. i'm still getting the hang of having an assistant. i had to come up with tasks for her to do, and made some mis-steps. first i had her work on a rubic's cube. but we were both like "how is this helping my career?". then i had her write apologies to my wife (for future use), but she was like "how do we even know what you'll have done wrong?". good point. that's WHY they call it the "future". it's not determined. it wasn't until i had Leslie begin working on a press release that i glimpsed something... constructive. i felt -assisted-. and that was a clue. now i follow that feeling.

had a great morning. steve and i had one of those morning brainstorms. i think there was peyote in our coffee. we discussed making a movie together. i would tell you more but it would incinerate your retinas.

tonight Eddie K comes to cut vocals.

can't get a hold of my wife. missing my family like nuts. get over here, honey! dreamed i was playing with my daughter last night.

speaking of daughters, here are the lyrics to the song we're working on:

that night your comet fell
into our wishing well
it made your mother laugh
it cut your dad in half

my love we knew your name
a year before you came
even then you pulled us close
and scattered all the ghosts

ache of a hundred funerals
in the miracle
ache of a hundred funerals
in the miracle

we've studied scripture since
some secret left its hints
etched in your finger prints
with a love your life evinces

what moves between the sand
that falls between the hands
hides in the open sky,
looks out behind your eyes

ache of a hundred funerals
in the miracle
ache of a hundred funerals
in the miracle

your mother and i kissed
it ripped a hole in space
you tunneled to her womb
at the point of every place

in love your life begins
in the midst of a million twins
and death is just a door
to the love of a million more

ache of a hundred miracles
ache of a hundred miracles

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