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word of the day: autopoiesis
song of the day: just what i needed (Cars)

Mankato / Hag

song of the day: across the universe (Beatles)

Minneapolis 400 Bar

song of the day: Jason And The Argonauts (XTC, English Settlement)

Boulder, CO 6.16.04

went down to KBCO (97.3fm in Denver / Boulder) tonight and taped another Studio C with them. i did late in the winter, and they used my song Swim from that session on a CD they put out to benefit Denver area public schools. i found out tonight they sold 12,000 copies of it, and gave the schools a check for $30,000. woo! keefer, the DJ who hosts this show, is one of the most amiable, effusively warm people you'll ever meet in the radio world. you start having fun the minute you're hanging out with him. i LOVE to be around people like this, he's been in the music world for decades, he works at a big commercial station, and he is totally, sincerely into the music. there's no way to fake that kind of enthusiasm, and hanging around with him makes me feel hopeful about the music business. in fact, KBCO kind of makes me feel optimistic about the radio world. i've only been living in boulder a short while, they've had me in studio twice, put me on their CD, and are talking about adding Sexy Messiah to regular rotation when my CD comes out nationally through Rykodisc. tonight i'm on air promoting Dhrarmapalooza, my two show DVD taping at Trilogy. we play Sexy Messiah, Ladder, and Human Girl (chad phillips on bass, mike O'neal on drums) and dedicate Ladder to Ken Wilber. keefer reminds everyone to go to my web site and check out the top five lists and says how funny they are. i remember my favorite: Top Five Things To Pee Into (one of the answers is "The Future"). while we're off the air one of the people hanging out with us tells us about drinking absynthe in Europe a while back. i am fascinated, back in the day when i was an alcoholic drug addicted sloth i had a longing for absynthe, i always wanted to try it, but it's not legal in the U.S. i imagined it to be sort of like peppermint schnapps laced with acid. from this person's account i wasn't that far off... oh well, i'll never know directly. nothing but boring meditation for me now...but wait, OH, the COLORS, look at the COLORS....


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