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Omaha Center For The Healing Arts (OM)

Omaha, NE 6.17.04

we arrive safely. drove 8 1/ 2 hours today from boulder to omaha, chad is with me for the next seven shows. i chose to drive all day today because i don't like to sit in a car for nine hours and then try to do a show, the body just doesn't juggle those extremes well. at about 10pm when we arrive, our radiant host sandy is waiting in front of OM (Omaha Healing Arts Center) to let us in, because we're staying above OM in the venue's apartment / green room. but neither of those terms does it justice, it's easily the coolest, most beautiful space i'll stay in all year on the road. high ceilings, brick walls, a global collection of art, lofted bed space with fancy ladder, 10 foot mirrors, big windows, jacuzzi tub, you name it. i have no idea how they get anyone to leave this place. the rest of the building (OM is three floors) is every bit as cool, and as i tell everyone OM is the most kick ass spot in Nebraska for sure, and maybe the whole midwest. tomorrow i'm going to interview Sandy for integral naked. she's got quite a life story and history, a beautiful soul dedicated to the Mystery, and she's such fun to hang out with!!

chad did well today with my "silent" driving. i don't like to talk much (at all) when on the road driving, i just put ear plugs in and drive, no radio, nothing, and i'm not much of a conversationalist. he adapts well, and he's hooked up some space age shit that allows him to be on line while we're driving, so he's looking at porn the whole way...i assume. i'm engrossed with the tacit drive. i listen to the tones emitted from the automobile as it vibrates on the black top, and compare and contrast them with the frequencies resonating in my own body-mind. i notice the car and my body-mind are consonant 75 miles per hour, and dissonant at 55. enharmonic, in fact, at 70 miles per hour, but discordant at 60. 65 is sort of minor 6th-ish clash, it's weird, but so intriguing, like a steely dan chord.

our first show is tomorrow night, right here at OM. i'm hoping my voice will hold up through the next 8 shows in 9 days, because the last two are our DVD taping in Boulder.

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