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song of the day: across the universe (Beatles)

tonight's show at the Hag was one of my favorite shows all year. i don't know how or why these things happen. it was a monday night, but for some reason from the first note my soul and body were perfectly clean and lined up. first song was human girl, then alms, and most of the evening was the "spiritual" songs. the audience was SO kick ass. the audiences at the Hag actually always are, bright, present, attentive, open. tonight i felt a lot of Mystery in the room, both from the stage (including Chad) and the audience. i was so grateful to have an evening where i wasn't trying to do anything in particular, just showed up and participated in whatever that was. i thought it was interesting that this was the best show of the tour (Omaha was close though), and i chose to leave the camera OFF (the video camera i use to film episodes for all night. it wasn't until after the show my friend brian and some others went outside and used it to do a few interviews. i'll never know, but strangely i think having the camera off helped. i thought to leave it off because when i was in omaha i was looking at pictures of monks making sand paintings, which they then sweep up. i thought of how a concert it like that, it's an artwork that just comes and goes in a moment, and evening. but then everything is, isn't it? the planet Earth is a sand painting that will be swept up, the Kosmos. all these impermanent perfections, fluxing through. i think it also helped me a lot to be around Vid last night. meditating this morning, i was still rerverberating from our talk. friends in the mystery are the greatest miracles. there are spies everywhere, conspiring IS.

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