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Hello my lovelies! Have you noticed I've started posting the daily blog on the front page? How much more accommodating can I get? A reach around while you read? Let's stay open to that.

Replacing a word or phrase from one language with one from another language (which corresponds to it).

Blackalicous, The Craft

Seems like every year there's one (if I'm lucky) musical discovery that kind of gets me through. Keeps my sense of hope and promise alive, as though the lifeless corpse that is the music industry still has some surprises left in it. At this point, getting something truly brilliant and visionary through the music machine is nothing short of a veritable miracle. Forget weeping statues and bleeding paintings, when my friend d.j.

incapable of co-existing

au-VAIH-sool defined ¿

Chris Whitley, died last year at 45 years old from lung cancer. I just found that out. Strange. I also just learned he has a daughter, and she's a musician as well, Trixie Whitley. I like what I've heard of her.

I first heard Chris back in Minneapolis, Big Sky Country was the first song I heard.

Lack of self-control, acting against your better judgement
Chris Whitley

Ordinary People

Oh, I LOVE Ordinary People. Have seen this movie five or six times, and it's just so fucking good. Directed by Robert Redford (may be my fav thing he's done), starring Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore, Judd Hirsch, and Timothy Hutton. AND THEY ALL KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK. But I'm not here to review the film, I just want to point something out.

badly placed
Sam Phillips

Dharmapalooza 2006!!!

Bring it. Oh, eht's ah-eddy beh' brough-EN!!


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