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au-VAIH-sool defined ¿


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Lack of self-control, acting against your better judgement
Chris Whitley

Chris Whitley, died last year at 45 years old from lung cancer. I just found that out. Strange. I also just learned he has a daughter, and she's a musician as well, Trixie Whitley. I like what I've heard of her.

I first heard Chris back in Minneapolis, Big Sky Country was the first song I heard.

The weather is DIVINE in Colorado. Last night, cool breezes of fresh air bathed my body in the perfume of summer all night. Gave me the sweetest dreams, and this was my favorite dream of all:

I was conversing with this intelligent presence (no body, no form) which was fluent in Is (the language I'm constructing). It was quizzing me, basically, saying "au-VAIH-sool, what does that word mean? do you remember?" I was like...

"Uhh... does it mean... 'key'"

The entity was like, "No, not really. That's too one-dimensional. Keep going."

"Does it mean 'solution? or... like, 'password'?"

"No. Those are ideas from English. You don't remember, do you?"


then it defined the word, but in IS, which I cannot reproduce here for many reasons (can't put the font on this blog, for starters), but the crude translation was something like:

"au-VAIH-sool would be more like Insight-Eureka-Enmorphature (?), a subject released from a bind or chimera (physical / emotional blocks, mental patterns, spiritual limits) by dying into its next-self-birth (the one slightly bigger, slightly more inclusive). It's perception at new depth, discovering anatomy which was previously undetected (due to insufficient awareness), and this newly accessed item facilitates un-stuckness (the difference between dhukka, or stuck-wheel, and sukkha, or un-stuck wheel). But the critical thing here is that the Insight-Eureka-Enmorphature is never repeated, never duplicated, so even though the subject arrives at a deeper depth, a higher level of being through au-VAIH-sool, one cannot simply repeat the formula at the next level of course. The other half of the definition of this word is the 'zero-the-board' effect which occurs each time a successful movement occurs ('Zero-the-board' is a term from music studios, at the end of each recording project, all dials and faders are set to zero, so that the next recording project can start with an empty pallate, a blank slate). au-VAIH-sool, if it were a safe, the combination and contents would change every time it were opened. Each combination would only work once, because the Mystery is tetra-unfolding, no puzzle of Evolution ever recurs. Interior, exterior, individual, collective, they are all changing and evolving each moment, and so au-VAIH-sool is a very particular kind of capacity. The capacity to spontaneously acquire new capacities in the service of Love through the immediate apprehension of ever-fluxing conditions and contexts. Any agent in the Mystery has to become versed, advanced in au-VAIH-loos."

"Oh. Got it. au-VAIH-sool."

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