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Hello my lovelies! Have you noticed I've started posting the daily blog on the front page? How much more accommodating can I get? A reach around while you read? Let's stay open to that.

I got a lot of email about my Radiohead comments. A brief revisit: I love Radiohead as much as the next bipolar robot. I listened to Kid A and OK Computer hundreds of times. Those boys are brilliant when it comes to production, arrangement, melody. But they are stuck. Paralyzed. Arrested in a deconstruction / post-modern shoe-gazing malaise. And I am so, so sick of listening to malcontent alternative rockers ululate over untuned guitars and gadgetry without so much as a HINT of what might lie beyond their depress-fest. I'm not asking them to become DC Talk. I'm just saying, the most brilliant artists (Bjork, Blackalicous, Byrne, Bowie, Baul Billiams) have access to surfaces (production, arrangement, composition) AND interiors (world view, vertical and horizontal perspectives). Our expectations are TOO LOW. We are born creatures of depth and dimension, and to settle for that flat crap is tragic. Eminem shouldn't be a controversial figure, he should be irrelevent. We don't gather by the millions to watch pubescent brats throw tantrums at the supermarket, why do we pay to see it on stage? How did such spasmatic adolescents come to hold the industry hostage? The music biz has given this culture spiritual halitosis, feeding us saccharine and soylent green. But we're the ones to blame, cuz we allow it.

Ah, who am I to talk? I'm the guy who shoved glow sticks up his ass and committed genital congress with an American Flag. So, take it with a grain of salt.

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