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Episode 6, Zen and the Zen of Zen.

It's a Special Episode, all about Buddhism.

Is that an emergency flare in your Snowmobile Suit, or are you just glad to see me?

Where have I been? So long, no blogging. It's all been about the touring as of late. Constant motion, the last two months are a blur. I simply cannot say how much I loved the tour of Europe. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone in UK and The Netherlands! I was blown away. I have just returned to the states, I am jet lagged, sore all over, and abiding in an effulgent glow, infused with the love of everyone I met.

Theory that consciousness may inhere generally in matter
Shawn Colvin


Ya'll, I need to clarify something. My new audio book, Love Has No Opposite is NOT TO BE CONFUSED with my "book" book, Sex, God, Rock 'N Roll, which is a Shambhalal book. They are totally, completely different things. Let's review their distinctions:

Love Has No Opposite: A generally comic, twisted soujourn through the deluded mind and funny bone of America' worst Buddhist (me). This project is in recorded form ONLY. It is a collection of vignettes, written and read by me, the author.

Obstinate; stubbornly disagreeable and contrary.
Warren Zevon


I just love the lyrics to that song, about being on vacation. Very unique rock 'n roll topicality. My favorite is always when he sings "two fat ladies window shop / something for the mantlepiece". Works perfect, he sells it like he's singing about social injustice, or the meaning of life, and the lyrics are all these scenes from sea side resort, people on holiday. Wish I'd thought of it.

A slobbering or dirty, wretched person; a worthless sloven

House Of Leaves

I'm reading the House Of Lives. Shit. Pretty trippy. Also found out the author, Mark Z. Danielewski is Poe's brother. I bet those two had some lively Halloween bashes. Geez.

to gulp down, swallow quickly and greedily


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