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Obstinate; stubbornly disagreeable and contrary.
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Ya'll, I need to clarify something. My new audio book, Love Has No Opposite is NOT TO BE CONFUSED with my "book" book, Sex, God, Rock 'N Roll, which is a Shambhalal book. They are totally, completely different things. Let's review their distinctions:

Love Has No Opposite: A generally comic, twisted soujourn through the deluded mind and funny bone of America' worst Buddhist (me). This project is in recorded form ONLY. It is a collection of vignettes, written and read by me, the author.

Sex, God, Rock 'N Roll: Is a "real" book. It's a 300 page memoire of my life in Rock 'N Roll and spirituality. It will (probably) be out this spring, and will be available in every book store in America. It will feature a CD of my music in the jacket of the book. It's a funny, touching, confessional, and edgy.

These two very different projects literally have nothing in common except that I wrote them both. There is NO shared content. So, if you buy Love Has No Opposite, you're getting a double CD audio book, read by me. It will ONLY be released as an audio book. That's because it was written to be read (with inflection, etc). If you want Sex, God, Rock 'N Roll, you have to wait till it comes out in book stores, and that will be spring at the earliest. No overlap. Two totally different things.

Just wanted to clear that up, because talking with people at the show last night, several were confused by this.

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