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New! Episode Six, The Stuart Davis Show...


This week on The Stuart Davis Show

Episode 6, Zen and the Zen of Zen.

It's a Special Episode, all about Buddhism.

What is Zen? What is not Zen? The Stu Clones debate the essence of the ineffable. Is Zen madness? Sanity? Is it simply the direct apprehension of Reality as-it-is, or does it involve a practice, and the development of one's World View. Is there a difference between Horizontal and Vertical Englightenment? What the hell does that even mean? Find out this week, FREE on You Tube, Episode Six is full of Nude Buddhas and Inscrutable Grooves, with all the hilarity and heresy you've come to expect from the Stuart Davis Show, plus the news from Sex, God, and Rock 'n Roll, including:

- The Shadow and the Shaft: Thai Monk Severs Penis As A Sign of Detachment. Or... Dissociation?

- David Lynch forms The David Lynch Foundation, dedicated to implementing TM in educational systems as a means to increase IQ, happiness, decrease stress, blood pressure, and boost immunity among kids. Is Transcendental Meditation the secret to smarter, healthier kids?

- Leonard Cohen, Bad Ass Bodhisattva. A salute to the Zen Monk who's shown us over and over "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."

Also, an important message our sponsor. Do you find meditation to be a pain in the ass? A chore? A bore? Then you'll want to check out Surrogate Sitters, this week's sponsor.

Remember, you can watch Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 on You Tube.

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