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Is that an emergency flare in your Snowmobile Suit, or are you just glad to see me?


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Where have I been? So long, no blogging. It's all been about the touring as of late. Constant motion, the last two months are a blur. I simply cannot say how much I loved the tour of Europe. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone in UK and The Netherlands! I was blown away. I have just returned to the states, I am jet lagged, sore all over, and abiding in an effulgent glow, infused with the love of everyone I met.

I know I've not been a good blogger as of late, but it's for good reason. I have written two books, generated many paintings, toured all over, written an album's worth of new songs, created many new video episodes of a new show (the Stu Show, where I play a bunch of different Stuarts at once), made big advances with the language (IS), and I'm going to finish a screen play soon. So, I'm just digging into many other domains and needing to devote a lot of attention to them.

I miss you guys. I miss blogging. I'll try to get back into it, little by little. In the meantime, I have a shit load of painting to get to.

Also, I am naked right now. I write nude, paint nude, but no, before you go there, if I ever choose to have sex again, it will be wearing a snowmobile suit.

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